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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 3

Copy of a Letter. / New York / Saturday, 17. November PDF (2.8 MB)

             Copy of a Letter
   New York
   Satuday, 17 November 1849
My dear Mother,
 This morning about 10 o'clock I had
my daguerreotype likeness taken at Brady's in this city, as
a present for you: dictated by my filial affection: and if you
shall both be well repaid. I have long purposed to send
you my likeness, as I am sure you will be glad to obtain
it: I delayed in order to be taken by one of the best artists,
and now I send it to be a memento of your absent & far
distant son, and an evidence of my constant & undying
affection. You just have me in my homely & every day
appearance, without being brushed up for the occasion,
but I think you will like it better on this account, as you
will wish to see me as I am, and not as the fastidious may
think I ought to be. That the representation is correct, you
will be assured from the fact it is a Daguerreotype &
not a mere artistical copy and that it is a pretty good
one, I can give you some evidence. Mr. Wasley + another
gentleman accompanied me to Brady's, & when mine was
shown them, they both concluded to be taken; tho' neither
of them had intended before we went. Mr. W. had his taken
only two or three days ago by another artist. I make these
statements merely to show you that you see me as I now
look. I would like to know if you think I am like myself.

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