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Dinsdale, Matthew / Papers, 1836-1897
Call Number, Wis MSS DL, folder 2 ([unpublished])

[1833, Aug. 28] PDF (1.9 MB)

Dear Brother   [1833, Aug. 28]
I write to informe your that my
Mother will like to have your Close
and your _______ send them in youre
little Bosa and send them to Mr L_____
Cooke Richmond  John B___nes is coming
to ____ Mother and we thought it better to embrace
the oppurtunity My Mother would all _______
have liked to __________ your washing _________
thought the carriage would bee so expensive that
it would cost more then the washing would
be and you must send __________ cloth for shirts
if you _______ send much you must send as
must send as much as will ___________ shirts
my mother thinks you will want you must
contrive to send ______________ way of John
B____ be G______ soon you must send it
________ in a small parcel. My aunt and Uncle
Barret __ both gon H____ to B__gg __ my Father went
with them so the ____________ They _________ all
quite well_______ have 4 children_______ John next
Jane next is Elizabeth and little Edward Thom___ B___
They desire thier kind love to you and wish to ______
Five ________ as soon as a _________ but I will send you
thier address in youre Box. you must not forget
write and tell us know that it is ________
for me to ___ of and you must see and get
_____________ or other you will ____ be so verry
_____ as ____ that for mee. ______ write and tell us
wheader you have recieced 2___ of socks and my
last letter yo_____________ and we are verry
uneasy you must _____ this ____ as soon as you
___________________ write in the Basement
____ buy ___________ you ______________ see John Baynes
__________ send the ____ as well as your answer
_______ must send how manyey apprentices you have
___ and hwo __________ you have and all _________

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