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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering RurLi l;.voSn.iin 7f2ec-iv'o1y
iI1NOCQUA., 5] 2                                             ONEIiI.
      Lumbori-ng in -Lhis On-A3icL c)ujjtv con r-ity is impcrt.nt.   It is
aR a summer resort.    ¢:inocqua I*':; one rurr.  routc.
                            .'i :I DiN? kol C:, IC --.17 ,
"Arcu].a t~i on, 500                                        Friday
      E.nos E. Fibher is the I.resent edite'r ef this Oneidr. county now-pvpzer
 !,t was organized in 1891.
 .: NI V!', I,l r:A                                             B UFl'F I'Er,
      'lij- Buff'lo c-ul-t_  C.11unitr i  notedl us a t ricvlturi'1 trade(
cen -,-r.
!-. -vi !P as seven rura' rIrLes*
1rcul ht io' ,1.200                                          Fr i
      unclne:3 in 127C, tlis   dunfalo countyv rcrxr is eCitlod by F. L.
Ct.. J('r-..
 ,, (T.,(~ 478?8                                               (RE.]'
      D airyin- and 'wioss cheeso hlave iande ';.r.roc frtimr.U  L'i-.'r
K f* c'   ½
tort of Incol co'idibien. in '.n     follci.i-g: 'hAt thr prccant  
  n 'Wi ftlCnd is I-ore ..rnyE~hi: .-hL oqvrtir nhis renlin -c chee-:ediom
in Gr~i~n
  *--tv-,  Lot l',we fi-nlref t'll iC.  C-re-n co'i'< is erily '' :i4
s s-4uare, with
'97,OOC i nhabit~ants ar.: tnnre &rfre t'nree daiLrV cows  r 1',ci p
rZ-sri  Thr- s.,e¢sod
.- llin     s  f;5,:'jC,'0)-.  The !&iry iivsrt! *- t i s over  5(0,0(00)O,O00.
 Ti , p ?r
2ri.+a of wo.nItIh is     ?          -i i ;rcarly pr.-uc',in cf ,wis:s, li-burgrr
rit'i} chee:.e is MO10,000,000.  T'to foregn tcyns are mradc exclusive ihcre
n, '.tericnn cheese   ,- c.:ories  ½n *in connrt;r.  ine  ir-.1
peor if tiri -
,rea of sixteer    .        witl- .t-s contrulizeoc :-.nd highlr zpecialized
iwl 'st;y Sis o:,Oncc,rGOO 1ei-n7 ';hc rrorld-cij, vnrd livestock: vtbTuo,
                        :4D N R i .J L[tM l:P.   ,-GA,,, FT' E
irr'ulnti'>, w1.400Is it swarr.? "es.              Tuersday &
.,Av-rtsing rntes - lis lzly, .. r inch   5d[.  Claizi'ic. 1,          3/r
1iio 5.. fPency
      on).;rnissi ~n,  >1.0,.  (>5 _;'l  c iSLn ,J  -<
<- e azs1 ^rlroueq i    v'c t'r.-i-itLi' c i ., . Ir.c).DLeth- ^ I irmn,20in
      (lC 0 it p'' t',C.          P.1t,'te,P..  Ve -J-I Ne
 ver,,.si rF rrt sentfrivu - 'i.evricte - Prc'< t  i-r cintima.
      lh s)i's ci#-('1,r,  i. i.-  C, I>U) 1I.t his'2 .e -' v.
 *v iw   8 P

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