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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Milton and Milton Junction: combined population, 1685,   p. 87 PDF (281.2 KB)

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Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively|                                   
                                MILLTOMN NEWSIMAN
Circulation, 700
       In May 1910, the Milltown Herald was established by L. W. Tracey who
continued to edit the paper till the spring of 1912. His successor, Glenn
Arnold, conducted the weekly till 1914 and was followd by John Tygeson who
served for one year.  During 1915, J. D. Nicholson and Roy Henning were editors
Mr. Nicholson, one of the sponsors of the Herald, carried his name on the
head and was assisted by printers till 1919 when M. D. Hinshaw became publisher
and continued to June 1, 1922. The paper was discontinued to January 1, 1923
when the present editor, George Cook, resurrected it and changed the nape
the Milltown Newsman. "During the seven months that the paper was suspended
the people of the community learned the value of a newspaper", says
Cook, "and they have appreciated it ever since".
                                       B W
M4ILTON and MILTON JUNCTION (combined population, 1685)                 ROCK
       Dairying is of the greatest value to this section of Rock county.
these towns are manufactured electrotherapeutic equipment and dental film
mounts. The annual gross sales of the Burdick Cabinet Factory amounted to
over $900,000 last year. It employs 125 men. Milton Junction has two rural
Circulation, 690      Is it sworn? Yes.                              Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 30ΒΆ.    Classified, per line 81.
       commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ers.    Depth of column, l943
       Columns to page, 6. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones, 60 to 133.
       Use Mats? Yes.
       In 1871, Miss Mary Spencer founded The Milton Messenger, which existed
for less than a year. Then J. S. Badger established the Milton Register which
ran from 1878 to 79. W. C. Brown started the Milton Express in 1879, - this
lasted for several years. Then the Telephone wac started by J. C. Bartholf
he edited it until 1886. Succeeding editors have been: Judge Spence, 1886
to 94; Mirs. Alice Blount, 1894 to 96; 11. A. Richardson and Hadden, 1898
1902; Will Oviatt 1902 to 1906; Holsten & M1iles, 1906 to 12.   In 1912
two papers, The Journal and The Telephone, were combined and edited by E.
Holsten to 1919. Then the present editor, Orlando H. Frantz, took charge.

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