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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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|Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively
MAYVILLE, 3011                                                         DODGE
      Three hundred men are employed by the pig iron interests of this city.
This industry represents a $3,000,000 investment. A large pea canning factory,
n shoe factory and a traveling bag factory, are located at this point in
county. Besides there is a large coke plant, a gray iron foundry, and a
recently organized company which is now manufacturing a daylight screen for
motion pictures, While this concern has only been going for five months
several hundred screen have been sent to practically every state in the union
and at least half a dozen foreign countires,
                                  MAYVILLE NEWS
Circulation                                                         Thursday
Ldvertising rates - display, per inch 25/.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 49- inches,
Columns to page, 6. Body type, 8 pt. Use Mats? Yes.
      Henry Spiering founded this paper February 21st, 1891. Since November
1, 1907 to the present day the News has been edited by 0. A. Gehrke.
                                       B W
¶AZObAINIE, 756                                                    
      Cabinet works and cheese factories are in this community of Dane county.
Mazomanie has two rural routes.
                                LMZOMLNIE SICKLE
      H. L. Swan is the editor of this Dane county weekly that was established
in 1874.
                                       B W
MEDFORD, 1881                                                         TAYLOR
      Taylor county enthusiasts claim that the world's largest patron-hauling
creamery is located in Medford. This is a cooperative creamery and last year
it paid out nearly $1,000,000 to local farmers. It has 980 patrons, of which
600 are share holders. This creamery is of the greatest importance to the
locality. Peas are canned here and there is also a sash and door faotory
vnd a veneer manufacturing plant.  There are a number of prosperous cheese
factories in the community.

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