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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively.
Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively
rirculation, 2150
Is it sworn? No.
,dvertising rates - display, per inch '?O~. Cl.ssified, per vrord 14. Agency
      corairisiC)nl, 15%.  Cash discount, 2%.
'echnnical requirements - width of column, 13 ems.   Depth of coluin, 19-3/4
      inches.  Coluins to page, C.    Screen of halftones, 110.  Use Mats?
      Though founqed in June, 1859, this vreekly has chan-ied hands ony three
1-ires in its life. Its present editor is J. H. Kanpo.
                                        R 'V7
''IEL, Population 1599
      The largest cheese box factory in the
"nd paying them 117,000 each month, has its
s2hoes, ..nd cheese vats are .iso made here.
                .L!AITN.70C COUUTY
Unitod States, enploying 17t r:Jn
headquarters in Kiel.   Table:, Woodon
Kiel has four rural routes.
''irculation, 2150
Is it sworn? Yes.
.Avertisin- rates - display, per inch 30'.    Clascified, per line 5/.  
Ir ncy
      conmirssion, 157%. Cash discount, 27,.
'.Jachrcnicrl requirerients - width of colurnn, 13 ers.  Depth of colurn,
22 t.rehro-
      ('olumns to page, 7. Body typo, 8 pt. Scroon cf hniftono.;, Yes. Ust
,'t ?
      In 1893, Fril Tromrxe found The i~iol Yovi;enblatt, the forerunncr
c tt   rre-
:-c .at pciper. He odited it for one year. Fichard LAudon carried on thlv
'ro' ',d
CLanr vod the weekly's ntoie to the Kie31 National-Zeitung.  Josuph  Grs.
 'J ('lwla -
  ulns cditor, serving two years.  1. . Kuenne has been in chorge sinc3 190G.
hlo. German Kiel Ncticnal-Zcitung was chanioed into English in 1918 !tnd
Ti-C'onmty 1hecord.
; -EOURNI, 1206
CO1,1,j!, 3TJ.  '  17N'!I
     I.t the Wisconsin Do]e ls, ono e! ,L- strote's beouty spots, Ki1tourti
  n . i ciary of a healthy tourist  Fnrming rrznks at the -top as
li}f ir- lt
i-l(-,rtFent industry in this Columbi!e cl'tnily colmmuniby.  Four rurr1
                              XKII.BCUTT VEJLYI'Vk'S
'rceilsiion, 1000     Is it sworn' '{ *.                               rur<
     Foundled in 190, The Events   oS oc ra (-.1 by Jr!es E. Jonbs unti l
hi.   tl
1''I';rJur-o, 19'5.  The prtsent odir l- iz ', A. Drurb.
Thur sd:u,'

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