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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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  Covoring Rural W1isconsin Effectively                                 
FOX LAKE, 1012                                                    DODGE COUNTY
       This summer resort town is in thu huart of a rich agricultural section
in Dodge county. Fox Lake attracts many tourists.
                            FOX LAKE REPRESEiTLTIVE
Circulation, 890                                                      Thursday
       Here is another of ';'isconsin's old nowspapcrs.  Founded in 1866,
weekly is today edited by F. H. Bakor.
                                       B W
FREDERIC, 682                                                           
       A pea canning factory, wollcn mill, pickle factory, arc in this Polk
crunty town.  Numerous lakes make it popular as a summor resort town but
principal industry in the community is farming, with dairying leading in
importance.  A strong cooperative creamery in Frcdoric and sevcral in the
surrounding territory show the importance of dairying.
                                 FREDERIC STAR
Circulation, 800          Is it sworn? No                             Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 25i. Classified, per line 5X. Abency
       commission, 15/M.
Mechanical requirements - .idth of column, 13 ems.    Depth of column, 20
       Columns to page, 6.   Body type, 8 pt.     Use fiats? No.
       Founded in 1903, this polk county weekly is today owned by Harvey
Cleson and Dick Pugh of the Luck Enterprise.    Oleson edits the pa,;ers.
                                       B W
FRITNDSHIP, 442                                                         
       Railroad shops and roundhouses are in this Adams county town.    
potatoes and dairy products from the local farm are also important to Frieiid-
                              FRLFINMDSHIP REPORTER
Circulation, 1000                                                     Thursday
      The Reporter was founded in 1901. Today it is conducted by H. S. Pierce.

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