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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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  Covering Rural Wisconain Effec iv5o2
     I'Khile Fort Atkinson is theo b rt' of scvcral industricc basod
on thu
dairy cow that now have a nation-wide importance, it has originated many
businesses of note.  It is tle hormc of Hoard Is Dairvyma_ n - fHoard's Crcawcrics
Better Sox Knitting iAills - Jonos Little Pig S-usa-(.s - Jamos Sanitary
Stalls, Poultry and Hog ]'quipmont - Creamery PackagO lifg. CompJany makiig
and Ice Cream Machinery - Atwood-Kooberl Company making Interior Woodwork
Pounder Harrow Comnany - Meier Ice Cream and Butter Company - Fort Atkinson
Company making milking machines - Fort Atkinson Canning Compfny - Nino Baby
Chick Hatchuri~_s - Two largo Nurecries (Coe, Ccnvcrso & Edwards Company
.! H. Bright) - Seven Automobilo Aigncios - Fort Atkinson Tanning Company
Six garages - four florists - two public parks - public tourist ca;np - Black>.i-
tavern - Lawton .otol - Municipally-owncd electricity, water anld gas.
                             JEFFERSON COUNTY UNICN
'circulation, 1806     Is it sworn! Yes.                             Frid
Advurtising Rates- Display, per inch 35c.    Classifiod, per wiord 2'f. A.'ecy
     commissiun, 15'/. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanicul requircenents - ':idtil of column, 13 cmrs. Dcpth of column, 21
     Columns tu pager, 7. Body typo, 8 pt.    SC IeLt of half-toMes, 110.
Usc Ma-st
     Milliam Dompstor Hoard, onu of WJisoonsin's best knnv';n govorncrs,
this weekly March 17, k870, and was its managing cditor until sh-rtly bufr~re
his death Nove.iber 19, 1918.  Halbort L. Hoard was assistant cditor from
to 1918 and since lattor date ho has served LLS mnanaging cditor. 
In the
early days this weukly was related to the dairying of l'isconsia,
and a
little latbr to that of the ontirc country.    For sever l years onc page
of the
Tni n was given u) t. dairy informati ln and 1-lr lloar; '3 Dairy:: A was
in magazine form.
                            FORT ATKINSON DEM~OCAT
     Circulation, 1500
     This Juff:rsun county vaier wJs organized in 1904.  Its prtsent editror
is C. ". Nettcshirm.
                                      B 17
FOUNTAIN CITY, 880                                                  BUFFALO
     This Buffalo county town is in tho heart of an agricultural district,
boing locatod on t'ic Missiesippi river.
                           BUFFALO COUMPY REPU3LICAN
CirculA.tiun, 665
     This Fount ,in city wc kly has beun printed in b(th Guriruv   1,liglishi.
Not it is an all :fnglish publicaticn.   It was founded in 1 61.    L s 
cditor is C. H. '. Andreo.

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