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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Jcovoring Rural Wisconsin Effoctivolyl
                                ARCADIA LEADER
Circulation 1,000                                                      Friday
    Founded in 1873, as The Trorapoaleau County Rcpublican by Char1cs A.
Loith, who continuod as oditor for two years,,- subsequent editors wore:
C. E. Hollcnbock, 1875 - 76; Noah D. Comstock, to 1877; Charlos A. Lcath,
to 1Pi54; F. F. Morgan, to 1887; T. F. Ball, to June 1888; Goorgo Mathys,
July, 1891; J. G. Faulds and A. J. Cowio, to August, 1893; J. G. Faulds,
February, 1894; Peter Barth, to Novombor, 1902; W. G. Car.oron for a short
time; Hogn ialoney and H. F. Thcurer, to January, 1904. It was then sold
Albort Hosa, who is still owner and editor.   In 1914 Christ Fouter associated
himself with ir. Hose as business manager.
                                     B W
ATHENS 940                                                          MARATHON
    Athens is another of 17isconsin's dairy contcrs. Pure bred Guornsey
and Holstein cattle arc popular on many of tho riany nearby farms. Lumber-
ing corirrands more than passing attention in tho community, wood products
being rmnufacturod in largo quantities. Rocontly a now $75,000 pea cannery
was eroctod in Athens, for which an abundance of peas is grown locally.
                                ATHENS RECOMD
Circulation 550                                                     THURSDAY
    The Rocord wxaz founded in 1900. It is now edited by A. Ncuenschwandor.
                                     B   V!'  -__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
AUGUSTA 1,407                                                    EAU CLAIfE
    Farming plays an important role in the businuss affairs of this Eau
Claire county town as it is surrounded by an cxtcinsivu  dairying and stock
raising district. Other industries of note arc saw vuills, planing and flour
fLuills, a canncry, crcauiory, and sash, door and cor.mb factories.
                           I^.U CLAIRE COUNTY UNION
Circulation 2,625                                                     Friday
    During 1874, the first nuwbor of thlis .;ou&:ly was struck off. Today
is edited by C. \d. Warnor.

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