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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Agricultural Journalism / 22 community building advertisements : use them to bring your bank greater prestige, increased goodwill, more business

22 bank advertisements: to help you build your bank--your town and your farming community PDF (311.8 KB)

                    22 Bank Advertisements
                                 To help you build your bank-your
                                 town and your farming community
                              D T   URING the past year Wisconsin bankers
used in their
'      ru                     l    a regular advertising space a series of
advertisements of
                                     unusual interest to those in their communities
                              to develop and improve their farms and farming.
                                 These bankers realized that when a bank
builds its community
                              along sound, constructive lines, it helps itself
and at the same time
                              the town's business groups. They appreciated
that the farmers'
                              business in a town is reflected in the assets
of the local bank and
                              that the prosperity of the town depends largely
upon the standard
                              of living on the surrounding farms.
                                 The series of advertisements was issued
by the Agricultural
                              Committee of the Wisconsin Bankers' Association
and was pre-
                              pared by the editorial department of the Wisconsin
College of
                                 Because the 1929 campaign was so successful,
the committee
                              has voted to supply the bankers of the state
a similar service for
                              1930. The campaign for next year, consisting
of twenty-two
                              advertisements promoting more efficient use
of Wisconsin pasture
                              lands, more profitable feeding of dairy herds,
a state-wide program
                              of soil building, and an active campaign for
weed control, is planned
                              to start March 3, 1930.
                                              Each Subject Important
                                 Each of the subjects is of vital importance
to Wisconsin banks
                              as well as toWisconsin farmers. Our pastures
can be made to produce
                              more and cheaper protein, the feeding of more
economical rations
                              will pay dairymen increased profits, weeds
are levying heavy
                              taxes about every farming community in the
state, and greater
                              farm prosperity will depend to a very large
extent upon an attain-
                              able program of soil improvement. Everyone
of the advertise-
                              ments is signed by a specialist at the Wisconsin
College of Agricul-
                                 Direct, simple, concise copy has been prepared
for the entire
e                             campaign. The layouts provide for an effective
use of white space.
                              Such layouts attract the attention of the reader,
add a crisp,
                              business-like spirit to the bank's advertising,
and help to insure
                                 For the greatest possible effectiveness
it is suggested that the
                              campaign be used in its entirety and that a
prominent position in
                              the local newspaper be secured for the series.
The advertisements
                              are released at two week intervals on the designated
:  e

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