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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Agricultural Journalism / 22 community building advertisements : use them to bring your bank greater prestige, increased goodwill, more business

Cramer, A. J.
Worth more in the paddock than in bologna PDF (258.0 KB)

Rekase Waek Beginning August 4
Worth More in the Paddock
Than in Bologna
By A. J. Cramer
Supervior of
Cow Teasing
W E wouldn't sell a cow without knowing something
about her value . . . then why do we beef young bulls
when they may be worth many times that for breeding?
  Yet that is exactly how thousands sell young bulls.
In Wisconsin, only one out of every ten pure bred bulls
is living when his value is known from his daughters'
              Harvest Matador Douglas No. 381257 is just one of
           the bulls saved from the butcher. This seven year old
           sire's ten daughters averaged 3,379 pounds more milk a
           year and 114 more pounds of butterfat than their dams.
           Think of the loss his owner would have suffered by send-
           ing him to the block I
              It's easy to keep the bull until his daughter'm records
           are available, if you have safe, suitable quarters for hiim
           on your farm.
              One of the best and simplest ways to keep the bull safe
           is to build a strong bull paddock to keep him in until he
           is 5 years old. At the end of that time his value will have
           been demonstrated by the production of his daughters.
              A practical circular on building the bull paddock has
           recently been issued by the Wisconsin College of Agri-
           culture, Madison. It's called "Build a Paddock and Save
           the Bull." Send in for it today.... It helps you get
           the fullest value from your bulls.
     "For Farm Prosperity"
[Name of Your Bank)

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