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Hurley, R. V.; Clark, J. W.; Blodau, Violet V. / County and home agents' report--1942 [Dane County, Wisconsin]

Agricultural conservation,   p. 20 PDF (337.7 KB)

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           be 4A"i@SltW~l O~yeti       Progrm erects in ace VW or
 Mother most at the twa.,r is Dane Couny.
           DmzIt reeponxsbslty for 41mimitratloM rosts In the hands
 of a farmar ommittee consistig ot Josea     0. dler. NllUletom   Andrew
 J. Mell, D07o0est, and John nucdgerg, Jr., of Verona.
          As Secretary and ex-officio amber of the County Committee, it
 IS Our dutY M County Agents to condut a broad progrin of eduatlon and
 lformation  bioh familiarizes farSmer with the plrogrm, and to aslst
 Individual ftmers make the adjustments necessary for participation.
          3btimated pqments to Dae Conty ftar. participating In the
1942 proprm follows
1. No. foms participating                                5,000
2.   etimaktod total of a1L A.A.A pqmente (1,942)      *190909ooo.oo
3. Amount of total which rpresents cogn parity
                                      Pqomense         360.000.00
4. Amount of total which represents tobacco parity
                                      paetatu           90,000.00
5. Amount oa total paid for carrying out recommondodd
                            coil building practico      174,000.00
6. Amount of total which repreoonte regular Agri-
                         cultural Concorration pymont    46o0ooo.oo
7. Amount of total which ropreoents whoat parity
                                           pymeeste      6,ooo.oo
         he oloa time effect of the A.A.A. progran upon our alculture
is goods
1. It has ale tumors more eoil omervation mindedf.
2. the acree of lgom0o and othor hq mud psaturo crops hais Inceaoo   d
   under the progrm.
3. More farmere hle been encouraged to apply ground limestono -6
   commercial fertillier.
         All these represent contributions to the pernmant improvement
of land    the coamnity.

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