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Town of Cassel centennial

Cassel Progress Club,   p. 69

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floors and woodwork, make accessory out
of lumber for closets and cupboards. The
club also collected pennies for friendship
for International Friends. The homemak-
ers have also always pushed for recycling
long before it became popular.
As time passed and the focus of
projects changed, so did the membership.
The peak membership in the late 40's
was 21 women. Today the club has 5
regular members including one charter
member - Ruth Matthiae. Our present
officers are: Ruth Matthiae - President,
Esther Seubert - Vice President, Ann
Kramer - Secretary, Frann Cooley - Trea-
surer, Mildred Ruplinger - Housing,
Energy & Environmental, Ruth Matthiae
- Safety, Ann Kramer - Family Health &
Nutrition, Esther Seubert - International
& Citizenship, Frann Cooley - Public
Relations, Ann Kramer - Cultural Arts.
Our group is looking for young and old
members so this part of Cassel history
does not have to die out.
Organized on June 28, 1934 by Edith
Bangham of Madison and Mrs. Henry
Hannemann. First president was Miss Ida
Werner. There were 14 members at the
beginning. At the 25th anniversary the
members included: Mrs. John Lensmire,
Mrs. Margaret Buetsch, Mrs. Leo Wadin-
ski, Mrs. Herman Hannemann, Mrs. Joe
Cassel Progress Homemakers - Top row: Mrs. Tony Joswiak, Mrs. Joe Bantes, Mrs. Alvin Werner, Mrs.
Art Hall, Back row: Mrs. Leo Wadinski, Mrs. John Lensmire Sr, Mrs. Herman Hannemann, Mrs.
Robert Berens, Mrs. Margaret Buetsch
Bantes, Mrs. Anton Joswiak, Mrs. Robert
Berens, Mrs. Alvin Werner, Mrs. Agatha
Hall, Mrs. Ralph Fernstermaker and Mrs.
Interesting features:
1938-Purchased a can sealer
1939-Each member made a quilt block
and a quilt was raffled at a dance given by
the club, netting the sum of $84.00.
1949-Three of the members gave hear-
ing tests to 84 children at the Cassel
Parochial School.
1950-Had only 7 members in the Club
Play "Quack Doctor" ( to r) Mrs. Joswiak, Mrs. Lensmire, Mrs.Hanneman, Mrs. Berens, Mrs.
Wadinski, Mrs. Bantes. Mrs. Buetsch
and all were grandmothers.
1951-The only club in the Edgar
District who took part in the Legion
Homecoming. They had a baseball stunt,
a kitchen band and folk dance.
1954-Had a stunt entitled "The Coun-
try Doctor" at the Marathon Stunt Night.
1957-Some members helped make a
float and rode in the parade for the
Marathon Centennial.
1958-Gave demonstrations at the
Wisconsin Valley Fair. All members
enjoyed attending County Day.
Probably the most influential promoter
of baseball in the Town of Cassel was Ray
Lemmer. In an interview with Ray, now 84
years of age he recalled how he and
George Simonson attended several games
of the Chicago Cubs and White Sox. His
interest in baseball intensified after seeing
how the game was played. He read books
on how the game is to be played with
instructions for each position. Ray as a
youngster played with any team that would
give him an opportunity to swing the bat
In the late 1920's the sod of a hay field
on the William Lang farm was scraped off,
a back stop erected and a baseball
diamond came into being. Through the
efforts of Ray Lemmer a baseball team
was organized called the "Cassel Giants,"
which consisted of Tony Burger Herman
Haneman, Phil and Ed Goldbach, Frank
and Conrad Gertschen, Rudy and Norbert
Dreikosen, William Osterbrink, and

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