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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter twelve,   pp. 65-71 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 65

I had decided to get interested in politics soon after we
were married, but in those days the Progressive Party ran the
state government and there were very few Republicans or Democrats
to be found. I went to a few Progressive Party meetings but never
could get very interested in the party. When Philip La Follette
was Governor he called for a big meeting in the new field house to
dedicate a new banner which would be unveiled for the Progressive
Party. After quite a few speeches it was announced that the Governor
would now display the new emblem of the Progressive Party. The
emblem was the "SWASTIKA"! I was there ---- and this killed the
Progressive Party for good. After that most of the party members
joined the Democrats.
In October 1938, I decided to go out to Mt. Horeb one day a
week and see if it were possible to work up a practice. A Madison
attorney had just passed away and he had been going out there one
day a week for years. Having become active in politics as a
Republican I got acquained with a number of fellows from Mt. Horeb.
Some of the business men came to see me one day and wanted to know
if I intended to eventually move to Mt. Horeb or just get what I
could out of the people. I told them I hoped to work up a practice
and they said I had better move to Mt. Horeb.
One June 1, 1940, we moved to Mt. Horeb and on that day I went
to the State Republican convention. I eventually went to about
thirty-five annual conventions as a delegate. It had been very hard
to find a house to rent, but finally the police chief told me of a
house near the Methodist church that would be available in a couple
of months. I was able to make arrangements to rent it and then I
had to rent our home in-Madison, we didn't want to sell it at that
time because the price of homes was way down.

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