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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter ten,   pp. 55-59 PDF (1.8 MB)

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In June, 1932, Mr. Nelson called me into his office and told
me he would have to let me go. This was about the bottom of the
depression. I did not know where to go, but after searching and
looking around Ole Severson, an insurance man whom I met through
my church work at Trousdale Methodist Church, said that he and
Harry Nohr had a room they could rent to me for about $10.00 or
$15.00 per month in the suite they rented in the new Tenny
Building. Carl Tenny had started building a new building on the
site of the old one on the corner of East Main and Pinckney Streets
in Madison but the construction came to a grinding halt when his
money ran out and he could not borrow any and for a long time it
stood half built, and Mr. Tenny became incapacitated and lost his
health because of it.
We stayed in the Tenny Building until the management decided
to boost the rent and we looked around and found that the Washington
Building on East Washington Avenue was gradually being refurbished
and we rented a suite there consisting of four small private offices
plus a desk space and a desk for our secretary in the outer room.
Three of us shared the expenses and rented out one private room and
the desk space.
George Keenan, the grand lecturer for the Wisconsin Grand
Lodge of Masons rented the best office and whenever he came back
from a trip visiting Lodges we would gather in his office while
he told us all of the good stories he had heard while he was gone.
He usually had some pretty good stories to tell. Ruth Hamann was
our secretary and she had to share her time with all of us, but of
course those we rented space to came first. I had a number of
divorce and bankruptcy cases then but I received very little pay
because nobody had any money. I had one divorce case for the
wife of a University professor (it was sent to me by Holden Robbins,
Grace's younger brother) and she kept wanting me to stop at her
apartment and sleep with her. She assured me that I would't have

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