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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter nine,   pp. 52-54 PDF (1002.8 KB)

Page 52

After Grace and I were married we became interested in
theatricals. We lived on the west side of Madison and we became
members of the Madison Civic Theatre. The first play was put on
in the West Side High School auditorium and it was called "The
Royal Road to Rome". I took the part of Fabius Maximus, the
Emperor of Rome.
The play was put on in the early spring. There was a
fountain in one scene and a water hose had to be brought in
through a door which couldn't be closed entirely because of the
hose. I was seated at a table near the front of the stage with
only a toga for a costume. Grace and a friend of hers sat near the
front and apparently saw most of my legs and asked Grace if I had
shorts on.
Grace said, "He better have some on:"
As I was sitting there shivering I was supposed to eat a
banana which slipped out of my grasp and went under me. That got
a laugh from the audience.
In the Centennial commemoration of the First Dane County
Board I took the part of Eben Peck in the Historical Skit presented
in the Crystal Ball Room of the Hotel Lorraine on May 15, 1939.
Albert Barton and I wrote the script.
On May 5th and 6th, 1938, I took the part of the "Interlocutor"
in "Dark Town Minstrels" given at Trousdale Methodist Church in
In the Summer of 1934, the play "The Drunkard" was given,
in which I took the part of the philanthropist, and Grace was the
Also in 1934 I took part in the play "Getting Married" by
George Bernard Shaw.
I was the butler "Oliver" in the play put on by the University
of Wisconsin speech department called "March Hares".
I also took part in another play "The Nervous Wreck" given
for the benefit of the Wisconsin State Journal Empty Stocking Club.

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