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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter six,   pp. 31-37 PDF (2.4 MB)

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In the fall of my third year I started at the fraternity
house, waiting on tables, but I knew I couldn't stay there and
make enough to get through the year. I had worked a lot for
Mrs. Carl Tenny each year and she told me a Dr. George Robbins
who lived in College Hills on the west edge of Madison wanted a
student to take care of the furnace, wash windows and do other
work around the house for room and board. He came one after-
noon to pick me up at the fraternity house and he had his sister,
Grace Robbins, with him. I thought she looked funny, she had the
first bobbed hairdo I had seen up to that time. Little did I
know then that I would fall in love with her and marry her.
I moved out there and had a large room to study in, but with
taking care of the furnace, washing windows, raking the yard,
waiting on their table and washing the dishes I didn't have enough
time to study. Dr. Robbins soon realized this and they got a
Norwegian maid, Agnes, to do the house work and between us we
got the work done. Agnes knew only a very few English words
and when she took the food in to the dining room and the family
would want something she would repeat it to me and I would show
her what it was they wanted. Agnes was about seventeen years old
and was fresh from Norway. A friend of hers who came from Norway
on the same boat worked near the Robbins residence for another
family. She also had a very jealous boy friend who didn't like
the idea of she and I living in the same house. The doctor and
his wife had two little daughters at that time, Jane and Dorothy.
Some years later I met her at a dance in Turner Hall in
Madison and she told me she had married him but he made life so
miserable for her because of his jealousy that she divorced him.
She hinted that if he had not been in the picture she and I could
have had some fun. There were times when the family would go to
Mrs. Robbins' home in Troy Center and stayed over night and Dr.
Robbins would ask me to stay at my fraternity house--which I did.

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