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Cooperative Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop Reporting Service (Wis.) / Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter
Vol. XIII ([covers January 1934/December 1934])

Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter. Vol. XIII, no. 9,   pp. [33]-40 PDF (3.7 MB)

Page [33]

lreaunn of Agricultural Economics
Division of Agricultural Statistics
Federal-State Crop Reporting Service
WALTER H. EBLING, Agricultural Statistician
S. J. GILBERT, Assistant Agricultural Statistician
Vol. XIII, No. 9                   State Capitol, Madison, Wisconsin    
                September. 1934
WISCONSIN crops this year have
tuirned out somexvhtt better thain
wats itdicated hy contidittons erlier in
the season. Ev'et so, the state's Cl'op plO-
litiction xvil be the shortest (experietci d
itt nnl'y I year. The extreme drought
('titly 1 ilte S ('is onII dlaintiged Il ost ('rolp s
so badly that  thley did not fully recover
excep t  itt t. fe '  retis.  Sint e  tle  mill-
dle of JItite IllOSt of the stite  has had
firlly f;tV('rable x'eathei. though the
s     geltotg of rfiniafall cotius r the
yeIr SO  far tilly all weather stations
itldiecite a moarked deficietlcy of ra nfill
as ('otmpred xx'th noilrial the mo(st
acute shortage being hli the southeast-
ent pl:lltS *(f the state anrd in the north-
wi-telrn section.
Widisp'r1tet frost datnitge occurred in
th te  st ll'  illrintl th e  Itist  fex y  id ays  of,
Augtust, but appllltrently the tempera-
t  ut  s  did  t ,t fall  1o1 5  I o iighl   to  do
et IiOIIS (]Gillet~te ex ep~t ill moret nor th-
; 'i t  ul'i iith's   . tid  ili  a  fexw  local ties
'I.S ,w hIrte   itt the  state.  Ilo  the  m a  it
the lead it_ ('crOps ( Seliped serioUs frost
iijtiry   thlloog   Iloc lly tthe   ititu ry  xVis ill
'IiCle   c OSt's   sevel(.  Corn  in thll low
lsids   xxIas dlteila gld i   lianll y   couitties
Ilfd ll in sonic c ses latf, potato vim-s
xw l''l  frozetll  S olelt  teitder  planits  us
lIte  pllt(oe  corti, somt   soy   tIatis.  Iild
itt  a  feox  ate as   tob ac'o 0 laso  su ffeisd .
In the else of tobllcco, Itoxv, ver, till'
(Iniagel~ occurred ill quality rather tha
the (lttointity of the crop.
Corsa it Gsotl Crop
\V\hen (' complarld wxxith last yea' it is
noted thalt  W;S(oI1s Il ('1'01  pr'oducftion
xill fall (olisideralbly shorlt of the light
elop o ]99ttil(<  er~age yields of :ill
(r)p bsIng atbOut S3 1wrcenit of thc  10-
year axv('t'. The only impoltalnt fod
crIOp ])):lillin  go()( pl (dtltioll lS ('0'1.
Ill l;pit'( of dl O, gh t  I liIt'tiilltt( ntt  in  this
cr~op tht, re~ports l~oev ilidierate an1 nver-
age y'eld of aboIlt 34 bushels fo' the
state,  w  hih  xill  lri'ig  thle  total  cr1op
itbott 2 perce(nt over at yeir ago and
over 22 percent tboxe the 5-yeist ItV-
erage. Full utili'zatioit of corIn will be
d-,pended ulpol to all unulsilal extenit to,
offset tht  shotltage  in otttlti' f' ld  crolps.
Th(e graili crops in spite (If late sea-
s n it ove'((x r  IaId it goo pl odtili nti t  i
('tistrtn tIlil ' ('I'trlIl \V isconsinx are mttk-
ittg  muclilh  bteloxw  ttVyi''ge' yields  thotigh
tit y atpprocite th- small crop of a year
tgo. Itoth o(lts tlnd harley are making
alloit thle stmite prodiuetion 1is wvas re-
pol't('d last year though the acreage
this year is sntlller. The yihlds are
somnxx'l'hat better thtin last year and ilte
Ittillity of the ga intt is muchl better
than a your Igo. Tle oats crop wlile
abolit equal to last year is still one-
foitrth smalhlr than the 5-year aver-
Ige, aild tile bliiley cro1) is about one-
sixilI belolx the 5-yest overage.
The most acute situation from the
sttindpoitt of feed supply is in tatite
hay, tile prodiie~tionl of whiell is only
anout foulr-fiftlis of last year's sitntl
crop attd only about 57 percent of av-
(rage. Our ltieding tame hlty clove'
(nd timothy, is only making about a
fourth of average production and about
September Crop Report
The Feed Situation
The Potato Crop
1934 Cranberry Prospects
September Dairy Report
Egg Production
Prices of Farm Products
ltilf of tIle smitll ('roll of lItst Yealr.
Soltn';  otltor  tate  lhllys  slloxx 't  ni 'rk'd
it'ietisl ' bti t  thlese  ftll  fat' shtoir t  (If loff-
se'ttintg the decline iii clove' ;itd titmt-
otlt y.
Cniff41if Cropsl Vary
Thel1  culshl crop)s ill telle stalte are Imikll-
hig< valied    esullt9. F'or till' Iealot p~lt
they shtOx'    'el:tt vNly good llrodult'ioll
Since' thtey  x'ere late eolItgh to he h i  -
fiticld by  the ittlt'oved  xeatl(r i'on'di-
tholls  prlevailinlg sillie  thel' I Iidlh, sof
.I title. TheB, potalto ffop is ;lppan Lziltly :1
good olil-, andl tilc tobaol   c )(r op is Innhll-
filg good yie Ids Ol it gr ctly l tdil>- d
'ncr' :g('.  Th'e] (':IIailtg ( lop)s :1l'(' 111:h-
itg  v:lrildl ''tuirtts,  the  leading   (lit,
Wlils  g   s en s , W a h l i S ug   mab or yt  A u] u n I 9- 4it
Ilargerl lul oductionl tilul II ot ytel r:;go
Wisconsin Weather Summary, August 1934        Precipitation
Degrees Fahrenheit       Inches
Station     S   E   e        E
Duluth-         38  92     614 62.  2.19 3.18  7.85
Escanah         37  83 618.0 64.3 l.68319      4.71
Minneapolis _   42  97 70.1169.9 1.61|3.12 _11 .58
La Crosse _     40  94 69.4170.0 1.90 3.71 -     3.43
Green Bay.... _  40  94 65.667.7 3.85 3.18     3.34
Dubuque -       43  98 71.0 71.7 3.2913.24 -6.13
Madison -_-     47  95 69.4 69.8 2.21 3.21 -9.58
M i ,,.uk,.     47  97  69.2169.2 II .43i2.66 -- 8.32
x'helo  conditiolis xNvl e    ixtretnely   tinfa-
vor rablb.
The eablige      crop   is itmakinig  a laIrge
rtioduct io.     'I'he  i1e102e    of  this   clop
ltc'aly   dotthh'd   this    eai  wVith   ilb  Le-
stilt that til'e riodti     ontioll  estlittltes at''
tlol' thian    txix te  the stoall crop of lust
year andll   over' one-fotirtit       It 'gr  ib thi
the  5-ye'tr tIveriatge.    Exceilt ini vietaitl
paits of southeastern        \Visconsint whtere
'xtI'etnely (diy  weathler t' dilued  the
I(Is ,of the i' aily (ittb'.lge, thl,  crop
g.) llel ly h111s cooI plospeets.  The on-
olin cropl ill splite of tilhe decrease ill
afl-roage iS    o Nll>> Nilg  a sublstanitiall ill-
oreais' in) pi"",.ditiion ,ll Over1 s   hlst yl-n1
oitc the .-y'ln' aVr Ivligl'. Sig'll  bets
-ithl a shstan t litaI interelsw' ini lot tage
sr' ttt;lkilig a t. tl:t iv''ly hog' et'op. th'
lix w   it lot 1lxx  ti favored heet pll(-
lil-tiotl. Tllt fritit cropis of thll staltt
ore for tile ])lost pa:rt, )oel" :upple pro"-
ulotiolt t)'illt  otly aitott httlf of the
h((rge crop of lI st yveat andl thl  cherry
'tolp beitig  only( Iholit three-fifthis Of
tilhe good et'l't Of a  t ago.
t usitel Staotes (Crsps
Crop rlt  ii h1S al tI tt i :t H ilil of st t's
:l-,llF  thle A\tilantic S. Ilbi~olrd :and~ ill tll+
ti-tloi  sOulth of til' th)io TIiver. T'it'
iXtreilt ti'llthti      l talt'S :111d the  fir
x 'stcill stltt's 1ll havexi' irltt', xly good
'W1p v i, hls, tite, tB tes'st dr'otiglht coni-
,lit, o  plt'x'iittg it th1e stiltt'S w(vSt Of
hI, 'Mississiilpi  Rivet' to  the   tockly
Mloitalins.  W'hile soltlt of th l' East i rt
IittI ',oltottli it ilatls ave't'ge \\lg   11 hbove
11t, 1-y\ at'1 ax.r gl i 'top y'(eld, thl's
xli. tilt' st:1ts w st of tilhe Mississtl'ti
to I,   tteticall' Itll fir,  l,', ;ivot.l'er{
1111til olw g, Is to) t( II o :nr 'X lst- ra
S:tW'..,  f Ca~lit4>ll-nifll Wa\F~hillgtoll  olldf
Oregon wxhere C"ops are closer to tIv-
, ngl'.  Ithe lot'. st .'Ip yields a  rei i-
tuiotel in Sotitit tDlllshota xxlro til, p1 l
;twr  proucti'tl   this ye:t' is Only   26
ore' lzitt of thl- ltl-yo:et  s.vrage.  Ne-
to'a'YI;:. tie toxt  ottest statle tx' laigoss
slori ol 'SM I lvist 71.1th' 't rolp  omli-
tiottll (1-.i(ild t ltstsl.l Ist fox  timated
i ''sI Stlx  Itt (lit .b1('  1101'Q'tt of( lt 'to1'( 5-year }(
ly x 's'll12  ' tutllu]  ill62   pet eeit (I t ill e ilil e' 011
l~i,   tile  -tinla. r st lot  ( s  S\te  otilwl*  .
1I ttt'ilx1, ('tnllitfS yea 0-ob\ at the . '1 -
:(IYNZ~ *-f 1ls. fS :.vornhllul f oudit os * lurl-
l;.lt'li is  Ttt'   tt.ind.t' caxn (-,llt   Tf
I1 l.60(.00tl11 I}ZhSI  is 11f)\w o-simitedl
is tlt ilti5x  plilt .'"'t xe-'l't if tilt, 5-ye:tr
Ilt'l';tF  ' 111  t':!  '.l' l nt t (I f the l- 7 --t' ax op
of ltast y     :It. 45:lirIs ' ilt fairly  sta rs
,'" the Ihta fo( ' colrn so tit ttlt' aror
(11 1(ot c 111-l I1t) to el rli  t ills i tntiylls.
G:rain C slros S1wort
ITlw impor'lt:ailt g:ea c(ll*rnsI' such it,:u
lh,:lt. wilts, brll~fy. :lil1d ryo ilr, *silow-
inpF 11]:; tf rially\ smalller'l prlOdutlll   t i{'l tlll
th, low- cr1ap of nf yea ( :  o :lald thl(- p o-
lduc- ,,n is 1111ch a 1lilil(lat -::-  Til,-
li:tioll's w\11'lwt cropu1  whlichi is now ,-st;-
?H:|ti :0 4u 9:l mzillionl buhilels is Only
abouolt r-5 1wre.(.fit of Ill ,o ,l.  I(
,: oduvtin,: tlle onts crool 146 p,,r rt,
the>        crllR<op) 45> porc.Itit rye 42  l.,r-
(-.,Ot :Imd buckwheslnt 71t porcI(|znt.
TheI, Iaply, eMPS for th l.eol ilalN try1(-
abIoull  oll  -fO  Ii t,11  snl~l I1I I"  I.iil  :I  yea r
::go :fit(] :about :;sIt) lwrenezt undl~er t1w, 5->
yet ri NV'-ra;g( . \\E ile l I I y  product iorll
slile'- a 1] tl -vol IlarF  d  line . ThI pIrO 8-
ll t liol tlisr year leI>"ng Only s ;l lperv( ' l'
(,f last       and :wI;l plfreI ' 'lt of till+ r5
-: r :t1('l 1t>I Vrtg l.Pstirll s havet( 1we (ll N" r
1(ow :all su~inieiir inl Illost staltes, hilt with
n  et leils somie il1lprol-nienl~t ilk favll
ll Zl

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