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Cooperative Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop and Livestock Reporting Service (Wis.); Federal-State Crop Reporting Service (Wis.) / Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter
Vol. XIII ([covers January 1934/December 1934])

Wisconsin crop and livestock reporter. Vol. XIII, no. 3,   pp. [unnumbered]-12 PDF (1.9 MB)

0A,' i*. LEG. REF. I
Bureau of Agricultural Economics
Division of Agricultural Statistics
Federal-State Crop Reporting Service
WALTER H. EBLING, Agricultural Statistician
S. J. GILBERT, Assistant Agricultural Statistician G
VUn  YTIT Nn _
State Cavitol. Madison, Wisconsin
;. T. GUSTAFSON, Junior Statistician
March, 1934
EXTENSIVE adjustments in crop
ticC ecage( ale ili prospect this yea r
btoth ili Wiscollsill iltud in the United
States. TI'he plalls of farmers as ex-
pressed by thenx in ai special survey oil
planting intentions show numerous ad-
just me'nts bettw'. 'il crops w hich, if car-
ri,'d out, xvill naterially change the
acretige distribuitiol. Th  total acre-
ah,,S  of  ciOlls  iil  exlletetd  to  illcrec!se
slightly both in 'Wisconsin taid iii the
Unuited States. It is still too early in
thu seaisoln to deterniniiv ttccuratc ly the(
extelit of the Clianges that tire going
to take place.
Freed Crop Chnnages
Stubstasititil changes are gotig to be
iii,.Lle this year iii the acreages of the
importtiilt feed  crops.  lii Wisconsin
thle acr eage of tame hiLy hats beei run-
niiig low for several yetrs as a result
of  ullfavorable  weailter  conditions.
This year an increase ill the hay acre-
ug' is ill prosplect. Corn, oil the other
lui ld, retiexd a high point in acreage
iii Wisconsiin last year, and a sharp de-
( retse is in prospect for 1934. For the
UJniteud States the htty acreage is ex-
PeCted to increase slightly, but a 10
pe eent decretase is indicated in corn.
Oats w hie is the most important of
the small griiilis ill Wisconsin is ex-
pected to keel) about the same acreage
as last yeiir, but for the United States
it shows a sharp increase of 5.7 per-
cent. Ilarley in which the acreage has
been  expanded   during  recent years
will reach a new high point in Wiscon-
sin this year if the intentions to plant
are carriehd out. The reports indicate
thttt the state will have a total of
829,000 acres which is 3 percent above
the high barley acreage of last year
and 13,000 acres above the previous
high point reaiched in 1909. For the
United States an even larger barley
acreage increase is in prospect, the in-
creasing being indicated at 17.6 per-
Cent. This great expansion in barley
is largely found hii the Dakotas, Xan-
sas, Montana, Texas, and California, a
slumber of the otheer btirley states
showing decreases.
1934 Planting Intentions
March Dairy Report
Egg Production
Prices of Farm Products
Spring wheat in Niscoiisin is ex-
peicted to increase 10 Pullrc 1t in acle-
aIge  xx he  rii s  for  tile  Ullitedl  States  a
2.;-  wlutccr ut  ucreiage  decrelts  is  itli-
*ated. Th. li lia atcIeag' iii Wiscoinsini
iY expected to remnain  tInlChaItgcd, I, it
a; 21.5 percent inrelease is indicated for
the Utnuited Stlites.
t'lush Crops Iuseresise Sharply
Malrlk:ed isicreases in acreage both for
Wj'scoiisiii and for the Umited States
are ill Prospect for piacticall y all otf
the cash crops of importance in Wis-
Consil.  Chief of these is the potato
xxIliecll for Wisconisini shows a proslpec-
tive inclreadse iin atcreage of 5 le rc"elt
alld whh h if car ried out will br ing the
acreaLge to 251,000 compared with 239,-
000 acres harvested last year. For the
United States the potato acreage shows
ai piospective increase of 7.2 percent
ubove the acreage harvested last year.
This would bring the United Sttttes
acreage to 3,412,000 which is the larg-
est. acreage siiice 1928 when at very
hl rge (rop was ha rvested. Ali inc r ease
of over 14 percent is noted ih the
eleveiu 'arly potato states, 11 pelrcent
in the intermediate states, atid 6 per-
cent in the important late pottito states.
For tobacco the smallest acreage iii
the United States since 1914 is indicated
for this year.    If the  intentioits to
Acres       Intentions for Planting in
I ----        tvl .. s..t.             1934
Oats _         .
Barley   _   - - -
Spring wheat
Tobacco _
Dry beans
Soy beans(grown alone
Canning peas
Tame hay
Late cabbage,
10 states  ,
Onions -    -
Percent of
-_   -      -I    -Ac
(000 Omitted)
2 ,050
2 ,457
2 .978
1 .2
Last Year
(000 Onitted)
2 ,228
2 ,457
2 949
I .2
)R 1934
Acres        Intentions for Planting in
Harvested                1934
Last Year
(1933)       Percent of       Acres
(000 Omitted)      1933      (000 Omitted)
102,239             90.1      92 073
36,541            105.7       38 640
10,052            117.6       11 818
19 073             97 .5     18.594
I '283           121 .5       I 559
3.184            107 .2       3 412
1 753.7           74.4        s 305.6
1.671            116.4        1.945
2.705            110.9        2 999
224.3          !09.7          246
53.829            100.5       54 092
124.8          137.5          171.6
78.2          110.8           86.7
:llt iit as Iixv CXlii'SSfd(l all', CiLri d out
tile United States will ha'.e ,about 25
percentt le.';s tobacco ticie;ige than was
hitiirvst id last  ear, whicih wvill be 3S
p, IV [it  belOxx  tii   reUor Id  acreage
growin ill I 9'3(1 Jll Wiscoiisin where thle
ater age fell  o it a vury low  level last
beal i smlalll illereas-  of ilboult t per-
cen't is indlicahtt  iii the tobacco plant-
iog  ilitelitiolns.  EIvi w1 Nvith  this  inl-
cirS,', the Wiscoi.sin tobacco acreage
will be  un:ly 1;3.1,  l acres,  ii ex cept
for tihe low   of last year xwill be the
siialilest ill oxt 4;- years.
cat'niiig  ped.s  ot whlich  Wiscoiisini
hlitirvested 9 4,1)0 .it res last y air are  x-
leCted to sloW at su)bstanlltial illCreiase
iii acreage( for this  ear. Thle data. onL
thi s crol atire collected by thle Washling-
toll ollic, tutu il, illicr'ese for the lna-
tioll xx t. illticatel at ab~ouit 11i 1percnlt.
If this:,,. l.iiiad out tile uLited Stalits
ii ,age xxill be ' l2(,0iit  a ies ats coit-
pared with 224,30U last year.
(tblbuage an1d OlliOII iit'ilccagl, slare also
xlXtCti to            lii '  ilto tially.  1"or
W\'i~i5,ciltsii ii(, iitcr'tiSt  indicauted  tor
the ticre      ' e ;it, C(iiulag,( is 43 per-
(.,.lit xxhih xxouiil 1)i ,llg tile statt s to-
till to 17,.,o t  atces cuoilpared with 12,21111
acres list   ear.  For the United States
tile iltirease indicated for late cabbage
is 37.3  percent.   While in    Wisconsin
the onion acreage is not expected to
change, i 10.8 percent inrer, asc is iidi-
c;Lted for the ULnited States.
'1hcIiute ided aIea-ilge of dry   edible
>tutlis is  eYleuteit to   inlcrease  fromn
albOiit .,,U110 to 7.,000 acies iii Wiscon-
Siu.  Ill tite Ullite(l StituS all acreage
increase in this crop of over 16 percent
is ailiSO iixdiCated.  The soy beau  acre-
ilg-' iS (X1e(tt.(l to eXpitii(l shatply, tile
iunercasc iii W isconsiii being indicated
it 20 percle t andi for the Uljited States
at neatrly 11 percent.
M1 iriIt aifr 1 R epo Irt
Ili spitc of il- laigust litiuilber of
milik cos olu farnis ill til   history of
thi state, milk piodulttioni contiinues at
at loxx level.  The averaig, daily milk
production Oil the farmsiilS of WiscOIISitl
crr01  e rImorters iu Alarch I xxas 6 ler-
eiiit behix'. tile A11lWt'Cl 19:; Lverage ill
spit, ot' at 1 ll(e-rCIt ilICr-eCas  iii the
u1iiuiIMer if Co%\,xx - oil thl(-us  farms.  The
aver, iu ;lilloitunt of millk produced per
( O\x ill  .ll Olt Marlch   1  wViis 14.74
pountuds ( uoiupil1rd xNith 15,81 pounds a
>'uCar ago, :1 dleClilhi- of uibout 7 percent.
'I'lie. Iverage productioin plr Cowv re-
poltled onl Al1airlb 1 is the lowxest for any
I -    1. .. .. .  11. -            .- - __ - .

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