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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 23],   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.3 MB)

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I Stronger B uild  Wisconsin
  BI s I
Volume 3                                              Number 23
                       June 15, 1925
             "Covers Wisconsin like the Sunshine"
                    WISCONSIN'S DELLS EACH YEAR
                 State Shares Nature's Gifts
                 with City-Wearied Throngs
                       of Many Common-
    As the Green Bay lobe of the great glacier pushed south and west, it
to its final stopping place, the Wisconsin River. This large stream ran
a course almost due south from Stevens Point to the deep canyons which it
cut for itself through the massive quartizite of tho ancient Baraboo range.
               This sheet is in thewimtereuts of the community newspaper.
Issued by the Department of Agricultural Journalism of the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
                in cooperation with the Wisconsin Pres Association.
Editor's Note: - Badger lakes are
noted both for their number and
size, lakes in few parts of the
world occupy a greater portion
of the total area of the country.
Vilas county, for example, has
350 lakes and ponds worthy of
notice. These cover 15 per cent
of the land of the county. Be-
cause of her great array of silver
lakes, Wisconsin enjoys the title
of "The Fishing Grounds of the
Middle West". In this article,
the fourth in our "Know Wisconsin
Bettor" series, the authors have
pictured these and other natural
beauty spots peculiar to Wiscon-

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