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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 18],   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.3 MB)

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       Build      Build               Wvisconsin                        Blanket
     Stronger                                                          the
     Busines| Community
           VTolune 3                                           Number 18
                                  May 11, 1925
            "The Little Partner of the Badger Country Weekly"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  p,( y ~ r   ~   *i7>~ %fl'T   T X'
1 ..l
           I)  .  I J..' y r. .t- i t.i  I  UD L .LU  ULJ   nU.J'.JA.J l
, ,'IJ 'LU I
        N VT!RI TN1G iry eeries on headlinen last year I was urged on by
|  ,   j;'.h6 apc     anp e c-f .z ny Mf the col7cargo papors that come to
       :e dzok.  Main -.f t   ti inintuk an c-point, *,ap hoaud sufficient
for the
iLL ~i     n LuLing of Rorrc. O- 1rs, v;ith -,ho ureo to present their news
3 l 2 | more convincing lorrr, slump tc the ct~ter oxtreme and use blar-
        ing heads that offeord the calmer reader.
  Country weeklies are read tnrough carefully, no matter whether thoir
  rnews 1s pi-rusnted propcrly or tiO-.; thnoreore, mcl.Ily C-li;OIrS JQ91
''VnlaT. '8 Tn5
i  -r- 7tl-II u.4h- ;+ j,U') + , 8* I'll  II W1.rh        T r.-  UII __I
- U- bU4 1A ,4,
assert that he is 2ublishing a typographically finc papor without a decent
headline in it andut the same time is typing up his ads so that they carry
the desired maximumn of appeal.
      The man w'io cannot build and typo a good headline is not going to
any too good an ad-setter. The two jobs belong to the same man.
                               bO Liberal with Verse
;      &S... ETTTNG both ads and heads requires some facility at handling
King' JLaglish - or Anmricanese, if you prefer.   If one is dry of verbs
Writing hnadi, is ho not going to be equally destitute of the powier of cloth-
ing an ad in convincing language?  If ho cannot fit t..o two or three lines
of a so thoy justify, now in the name of Caxton is he going to balanco
up tho lines in an ad so its main features stick out and draw enough atten-
tion to make sales?
      W'riting heads is the best kind of practice for composing ads, and
two , propsrly set, will maize a country weekly look like the skillful pro-
ductior of a master of his trade, instead of the slipshod output of a man
in a hurry.
      Planning ahead during the week will enable any weekly to put out a
sane paper.  Its various columns will appeal with the varying power that
news should exert.  Its editorials will buttonhole you and reason in calm
tonee about local movements.  It will boast in two-column heads that the
railroad is coming to town, and it will tell, xlith a dignified onu-colurmn
head, how tlhe town's leading citizen has Passed to his reward.
               This sheet is in the interests of the community newsr;'per.
issued by the Departnwit of Agrioultura' Journalism of the Wi.won;+ij Collegr.
ilf Ar-riculture
                ii co-operation with the Wi4consin Press Aiseciatian.
t ], I'l 1;,- .." .'. , F N',%' " I V               ' .S
                                       . ,I-_. I..; , ). ,
                    U- T.T- --114 -1-. -'LI' M T T- LT.'D C I, !IrTT ' I
nVr- I,, -;  - - -

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