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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 16],   pp. [1]-3 PDF (939.1 KB)

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       Build Wisconsin
Volume 3                                          Number 16
                    April 27, 1025
  "The Little Partner of the Badger Country Weekly"
                   BADGER EDITOR DEFENDS
FRIENDLY device is the community editorial.
In simple language the editor may speak his story
through the editorial column. Not all the readers
will accept his policies but many will be influ-
onecd by them, and a groat number will road them -
no other reason than to get the editor's opinions.
Ls Ho
                      Of the essentials in editorial writing, vwhethor it
Speaks           for the daily or the weekly newspaper, two of the most im-
                 portant are simplicity and naturalness. Those are words
                 easy to understand, and in this work they mean just what
"Algoma          they do in daily life. They are big inclusive terms
                 style comes under them.
Is a
                      While the editor is writing in a natural way, just
Cow              he talks, he lets his personality penetrate the message
                 consequently we find warmth, good cheer, sincerity End
Town",           optimism, all embodied in the work of the successful
                 ial writer.
                        n!l,;re.t. mo++.  whiln nlnr imnrnr+aVnt. iR Rubordinate
Va Ly v-                  VUJ -4.-   ,- IIWU X Al      a -. - , --Wo - &
w - - vr- -
                 to simplicity and naturalness.    Because some editors have
Editor           good subjects and prepare weak editorials while others take
                 simple and commonplace subjects and yet turn out strong
Heidmann         editorial copy, it is proof enough that method of treatment
                 may mean more than the subject under consideration.
But                   An example how Editor H. H. Hoidmann, of THE ALGOMA
                 RECORD-HERALD, took a commonplace subject and yet made a
He's             forceful editorial is shown in the following reproduced
                 paragraphs.  In this short editorial ho has clearly defend-
Proud            ed the policy of this Kowauneo county weekly and has also
                  put across in a friendly manner some points that may be
of It.           news of his readers.
                       "Farm news is a great bore to some Algomans.
Ever and
                  anon somione makes inquiries as to the reason for 'cow'
                  stories. They talk of the city, nothing is so important
                  the city. We always feel a mild gurgle of laughter rising
                  in our throats when an Algoman makes remarks that indicate

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