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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 13],   pp. [1]-[5] PDF (1.5 MB)

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Build       B
Stronger susld
Volume 3
April 6, 1925
"First, Last and Always
W    X s c o n si1 n   tthe Home
Number 13
- Better Badger Weeklies"
I T ' S E A S Y T O S E L L
Seed Corn
Dairy Calves
or Any
Thing Else
   This 2 inch ad ran two
issues in the T9IBUNE,. It
costs 80 cents. Now the
heifer is in a new home.
   TRIBUNE ads will do the
same for anything the farmer
has to sell. The ratos are
within the roach of everyone.
Bell 448
88 Fork St.
Ad Used to Build Up Classified
     Ad Section in Weekly
      Editor Can Improve
      Ads by Giving Facts
ONCRETENESS pays in advertis-
(.,ing.  This is one of the fund-
\/amentals of successful adver-
tising. Generalities mean little
or nothing to the buyer in these
days of competitive selling. To
make an impression on the poten-
tial purchaser the advertiser
should be specific in his adver-
tising copy.
   These long-known rules apply
to all advertisers. No matter
what type of media they use, the
farm paper, the popular publica-
tion or tho country weekly.
   Tho editor, since he, himself,
advertises and helps tho patrons
to advertise, is especially sus-
coptible to these principles.
When ho is preparing copy for his
clients he aims to set an ad that
will bring results, pay the ad-
vertiser and cause him to con-
tinue advertising. When hc,
himself, advertises, he should,
of course, use the same care, so
that his ads will do moro than
fill space when ho is short of
news matorial.
   Whether in striving for cir-
culation, job printing or adver-
tising, the editor should deal
in concrote facts in the advor-
tisomonts that ho uses. If the
copy says something important,
               This sheet is in the interests of the community newspaper.
Issued by the Department of Agrieultural Journalism of the Wiscona;n ('ollege
of Agriculture
                in co-operation with the Wiscensin Press A seociation.
F  Sale - Pure bred Jersey
Lfer calf, 7 months old,
o  of dam with C.T.A. re-
Cd of 502 lbs. butterfat.
Lce $90. John Smith, Forks-
lle, Wisconsin.
; . ... . _

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