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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town of Milwaukee the 12th of June 1859 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 1

Letter  7, page 1, translation
     Town of Milwaukee the 12th of June 1859
with joy I greet you
the meeting
of this is    Much loved Uncles and Aunts Nephews and Nieces
Since I have felt for a long time like writing you a letter it seems    1
to me that I cannot postpone any longer,  I have begged father many times
to write to you  but it seems that he cannot get to it, so I wish so far
as it   3
is in my power to get a letter on to you, since I am as we all are    4
desirous to hear from you,  I would perhaps have written earlier had my health
permitted, and hope that you will accept it with love,      6
since father last wrote we have received three letters from you,two from
uncle   7
Jan Schipper and one from Cousin Jan lindenberg, which were very welcome
and a joy to us, 8
(pity enough that they were not answered sooner,) from you letters    9
we learned that uncle Jacobus and Aunt sara have passed from time to Eternity,
may it be that they have entered the land of Eternal rest     11
then is their happiness great and they are freed from all misery,  the loss
is   12
always paifnul, but there is still a sweet recollection remaining, and if
then the hope  13
may be lively of seeing them again,  we also learned from  them that    14
aunt Martina has been ailing considerable time, but yet became better, and
that all  15
others were well,  from Cousin Jan's letter we learned      16
that things were going with them as before, his mother once said when we
were going to America 17
that even if she could get to America in her slippers she would not want
to be there,   18
but it seems to me they would nevertheless be better off if they were here,
at any rate he 19
and his sisters,  but they will perhaps see no opportunity for that,  we
have   20
often longed that we might sometime see one of our relatives here,  it is
possible too  21
for one who is diligent and is willing to work to make headway here,  although
this year 22
and last year times have not been so good here, as a few years ago, but 
still wages are none the less always high compared to holland,  it would
have to be they  24
          outside of them
I expect no one here, and would not dare nor wish to recommend it to any
one else!  25
As for our situation that has changed somewhat,  in the year 1854 we    26
moved from town holland [Sheboygan County] where we formerly lived, about
forty miles south-ward27
8 miles from Milwaukee, this is a large city, father had been called here
for Religious work, 28
to work as leader here, for which a yearly salary      29
of one hundred dollars was given him and free housing,  so it was but a small
piece of ground  30
that he worked,  (there are almost thirty holland families here,)  but this
##In this space is a sticker in the original, evidently having a motto reading
(perhaps in
  English) "joyous greeting".  The circle indicates its
size only.
 The colors and print
  have utterly fafded.

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