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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Touwn [sic] Holland August 30 1852 [Translation],   pp. 1-2 PDF (857.1 KB)

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Letter 4, page 1, translation
     Touwn Holland August 30 1852
         Dear Children
1  experience teaches that to postpone a matter seldom comes out right  just
2  as now is the case again about writing you   we have
3  received you letter dated the 17th of July on time  at any rate inside
4 days   it
4  came to me by M H Muller  he had advanced 5 cents on it  which
5  seemed strange to me and upon inquiry at the post office they told me
it had been wrongly sent
6  and therefore the 5 cents additional  but I think it was because that
7  was in it  so I advise you not to send me paper in such a way any more
8  a clear address on the letter and that you tell me whether you received
the former letters
9  franco  for I regularly paid 3 cents  you letter was a joy
10 to us  still on reading it  it proved distressing and that because Janet
11 continues to ail  we all long for you to be home and in the hope that
12 might be healthier  I would advise you not to postpone this too long 
for the nearer to
13 winter the less pleasant travelling is and especially if you are weak
 we are longingly looking
14 forward to your coming and are ready to welcome you  yet would naturally
15 long for word beforehand how you are thinking to make the journey whether
with bag and baggage as
16 pe0ple say you are expecting to come  if you should come by boat you must
at any rate find out
17 whether it touches at the pier of our town  for if we must go to [Port]
18 it ought to be at full moon since parts of the
19 night will have to be added to the day  or if you wish that I should come
for you
20 to milwaukee and we should board the boat there together I will do that
21 if you will set the time beforehand  all that is in your choice
22 we are curious what result your new doctoring is having  I don't
23 expect much from it  still I hope the outcome will be otherwise  yet you
must experience
24 what we read Mark 5 verse 26 and Luke 8 verse 43 second part  I hope that
25 both may have found that chief physician or may find
26 for your souls and that your membership and bond to his church may
27 lead you to what you write us about and that the symbols
28 in remembrance of his suffering partaken of by you may have enabled you
to look
29 upon the significant reality  namely to have discovered through faith
that your
30 sins too have cost him that suffering and at the same time that out of
love for you he was
31 to do that  it is at times my prayer when I think of you 'I hope it will
be   [willing
32 answered'  I think of you often yet not always in prayer for that is a
33 of the spirit if rightly understood  but in this respect that we are becoming
so far apart
34 and estranged  while in the netherlands I had not imagined anything of
the kind  if this
35 is the will of the Lord adn we are reconciled to it in faith all goes
well  but
36 otherwise I cannot always feel at rest about it  although I must surrender
to it
37 you write of bringing store goods  but that again is difficult  although
we are becoming
38 interested in wearing apparel  I haven't bought anything for myself yet
but I will have to
39 shed the Zeeland farmer costume your mother has need of chemises  but
40 what on the whole is scarce is woolens for the feet  sill such things
41 I cannot expect from you for I must pity you when I think how
42 much they take fromyou for a piece of goods when I consider what those
coats of the boys
43 cost  the most important other need in the family is snuff and tobacco

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