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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town Holland Jan 8 1851 [Translation],   pp. 1-4 PDF (1.7 MB)

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Letter  2, page 1, translation
        Town Holland Jan 8 1851
        Dear Brothers and Sisters
Never had I thought while still in Zeeland that I would wait so long about
writing to you  since being here I have often had the intention but am sometimes
hindered by work  and then again I had no desire  I often think of you  
and am curious to know whether you are still all living      4
and at the same time I am convinced that I must write to you first to make
it possible to hear from you  it is this then that urges me to take up my
pen  some-  6
times I think that some of you too may have longed for a letter yet    7
when I recall the heartless farewell of some of you I cannot assume the longing
as exactly true of all of you  yes Brothers one finds      9
that temporal matters can break the bonds of the heart  while here I certainly
have thought of some of you as I was reading God's word in the Proverbs of
Solomon chap  11
27 the 10th verse middle portion##  that with an Alas! I said to myself 
could I have taken this lesson to heart perhaps love would not have cooled
now that matter is closed even though we wished to be of such service to
one another  14
now that matter is very likely closed on this       15
side and in Eternity we shall not need each other's help  for     16
there is blood relatives will be a nuisance to one another as the tree in
the chilly  17
north falls seperated from the Lord forever  and if it fall in the warm 
south of God's loving presence it will prove to be an eternal plenty of 
joy according to His own testimony in His Holy Word      20
now in this connection I cannot avoid asking you in writing  how are these
matters with you as each of you individually comes before the Lord with this
question  22
in his heart  what has the upperhand hope or fear  I am not writing this
be-   23
cause I think you are obliged to reveal that to me o no but may the glory
of His  24
grace have become manifest to some of you since our departure from    25
Zeeland since it was then still hidden  it would be a joy ot my soul    26
for in this matter I can certainly confess feeling that albeit     27
we are seperated far from one another I still feel bound to you     28
to that my wife and my two sons are sometimes ear witnesses     29
and this is something we are still ever owing to one another to     30
carry your and our need to the throne of grace  for we are     31
dealing with an omnipresenct God who can grant us our prayer     32
here [can grant] you what is asked and also likewise the contrary  may He
grant this to us exactly as if we were in each others' presence     34
this I may manifest that you are sometimes the objects of      35
my attention in our public services when I pray with the     36
congregation that the kingdom of Christ may flourish in our     37
land o fbirth and among our kindred and all that are dear to us     38
[## "neither go into thy brother's house in the day of thy calamity"]
I assume that he Jan had the same trouble that Mr. van balen had
namely an unendurable pain in the left shoulder and that settled in his chest
and there it festered
when the
cut it
fully a
jar of
flowed ou
then we
hoped for
and that
not so
I am
of him

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