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Wisconsin boys' and girls' clubs leaders hand book

Outline of club projects: corn growing projects,   pp. 13-15 PDF (534.7 KB)

Page 13

        President-"We will now have the report of the
          entertainment committee."
        President-"Will someone move that this report be
          accepted? "
        Member-"I move that this report be accepted."
        Second Member-"I second the motion."
        President-"It has been moved and seconded that
          this report be accepted. Is there any discussion
          or are there any corrections?"
        Some discussion may follow.
        President-"Is there any further discussion?  If
          not, are you ready for the question?" (That is,
          ready to vote.)
        If the members are ready to vote they say, "Ques-
        The president then says, "All those in favor say
        'yes' (or 'aye'). Opposed 'no.' The report is ac-
   5. Old business (unfinished from last meeting).
   6. New business.
   7. Voting in new members.
   *8. Considering new names for membership.
   9. Adjournment of business meeting.
   10. Regular program (arranged by the program commit-
       tee) lectures, addresses, songs, talks by.visitors,etc.
  11. Recreation. Games, contests, music, stunts, charades,
       and refreshments, if desired.
Project 1.
  A. Consists of planting 10 sq. rods of ground to any
     variety of Wisconsin pedigree varieties for the pur-
     pose of saving seed corn to use on the home farm.
     Seed will be furnished free by the Wisconsin Experi-

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