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Wisconsin boys' and girls' clubs leaders hand book

Typical club meeting,   pp. 12-13 PDF (383.2 KB)

Page 12

1. Meeting called to order by president, who rises and
    says: "The meeting will please come to order."
2. Reading of minutes of last meeting (by secretary).
    The president says, "The secretary will read the
    minutes of the last meeting." After they are read
    the president asks, "Are there any additions or cor-
    rections to these minutes? If not, they stand ap-
    proved as read." If there are corrections the chair
    (president) informally directs them to be made
    unless there is an objection, in which case a formal
    vote as to the wording is necessary.
3. Roll call (by secretary).
     Members answer by report on their project. For
     example: John Smith-"I am now cultivating my
     acre of corn the third time." Mary Jones-"I am
     canning asparagus." William Reed-"I am feeding
     my calf the following ration-equal parts of whole
     milk and skinmmilk, some whole oats, and June grass
     and alfalfa hay."
     (a) Discussion of roll call report:
        Willis Brown-"I want to ask Wm. Reed pust
          how many pounds of milk he is feeding his
          calf and how old his calf is."
        Ans. (Wm. Reed)-"My calf is five weeks old
          and I am feeding eight pounds twice a day;
          as I said, equal parts of whole and skimmilk."
        Harry Joyce-"How much oats do you feed?"
        Ans. (Wm. Reed)-"I am feeding two calves
          a quart of oats in the morning and I guess
          my calf gets his share."
4. Reports of committees
     In each case the president calls upon the chairman
     of the committeee to make the report. A motion
     must be made and seconded to accept or adopt the
     report. After this has been done the report is open
     for discussion and amendment as regular business.

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