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Wisconsin boys' and girls' clubs leaders hand book

Suggested program for year's club work,   p. 11 PDF (203.5 KB)

Page 11

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19. Ciltivate the community spirit, cooperation, team work,
      social life, and an appreciation of neighbors, so es-
      sential to the success of any commuinity.
 20. There is essentially no difference in the physical and
      mental needs of the boys and girls of the rural and
      city communities. Both should be given opportunity,
      through organization of their play and contest activi-
      ties, to do manly and womanly jobs.
 21. The most important, as well as the most successful
      method of putting club work before the public is
      through the agencies of public demonstrations.
 Z. Never make a promise in connection with the club
      work of any kind that you do not expect to redeem
      at its full value and at the proper time. Some broken
      promises have in the past discouraged many young
 23. The club leader who talks, works, and thinks club
      work, both in and out of season, is the one who suc-
      ceeds and becomes recognized as an authority in
      junior extension work.
 24. Make a program for the club year.
 The following suggestions may help the leader in plan-
 ning a club year program in any project:
      (1) Enrollment.
      (2) Study of subject-matter of the project-methods
          and rules, equipment (homemade or commercial).
      (3) Actual starting of project. (Demonstrations are
          most effective.) Practice in keeping records.
      (4) Supervising project work.
      (3) Training of demonstration team, when members
          are skillful.
      (6) Contests and exhibits at local, county and state
      (7) Final records.
      (8) Achievement Days.

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