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Wisconsin boys' and girls' clubs leaders hand book

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                   AN IDEAL CLUB
  1. An ideal club shall have a membership of at least five,
working on the same project.
2. There shall be a local club leader in charge during the
club year.
  3. There shall be a local club organization with the neces-
sary officers and duties.
4. There shall be a definite club program of work.
  5. There shall be held at least six regular club meetings
during the club year. The secretary shall be required to
keep definite record of these meetings and also of the
progress of each member.
  6. A local exhibit shall be held annually.
  7. There shall be a demonstration team which must give
at least one public demonstration in its community.
  8. At least 60 per cent of the members must complete
the project and file a final report with the state club leader.
  9. An "Achievement Day" shall be held during the club
  I. Become familiar with club work. Study the handbook
in order to present club work to young people and parents
and to interest them in it.
  II. Secure enrollment blanks from the State Club Leader,
College of Agriculture.
  111. Call the young people together for presentation of
club work. Wherever possible, have the parents and other
interested persons present.
  IV. Always ask boys and girls to get parents' consent
before joining.
  V. Limit the projects in a club to not more than four,
emphasizing the ones most adapted to your locality. One
project is preferable.
  VI. It is best to work in harmony with all agencies in
the county.
  VII. A county executive committee should be formed.

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