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Annual report of the Bayfield County Agricultural Agent Washburn, Wisconsin: 1940

Agricultural conservation,   pp. 18-19 PDF (533.2 KB)

Page 18

     Four Chorus Club members and one adult leader attended
State 4-H Club Week, a truly inspirational gathering of 4-H folks.
     Eleven 4-H Club members won trips to State Fair as a result
of participating in County-wide events.
                   Outlook and Recommendations
     It is the aim of the Home Agent to continue to encourage
interested groups in new localities to find capable leadership
and to participate in learning through 4-H project work. It is
her aim also to help local leaders through home visits and meet-
ings and to give help to each club group, particularly on planning
programs for the year.
     During the past year, approximately 1,000 samples of soil
were tested from 208 farms in the County. About 90% of the samples
tested indicated the need of lime, phosphate, and potash, so that
maximum crops can be grown. The 1940 Agricultural Conservation
Program provided benefit payments for the application of lime
and phosphate, and farmers in the County took advantage of the
program to the extent of applying 109 tons of lime and 6,365
pounds of phosphate fertilizer. This program, administered by a
County Committee of three farmers, has been of great assistance
in increasing the alfalfa acreage within the County and improving
the production of other crops. Farmers are also able to earn
benefit payments by woodlot improvement practices. For the year
1940, 77% of the farmers within the County participated in the
AAA Program by carrying out one or more of the above practices,

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