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Directory of Beloit exchange
(August 1, 1911)

Beloit exchange information and suggestions,   pp. [3]-4 PDF (501.3 KB)

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The Use of the Company's Lines is limited to communications between
parties, both of whom are present at the telephone, and employees of the Com-
pany are prohibited from accepting written or verbal messages for transmis-
sion or delivery.
The Chief Operator will Furnish on request new call numbers of subscribers
not listed, and who have had service installed after this Directory was printed
or of numbers which have been changed.
Telegrams May be Sent over the wires of this Company, to or from Tele-
graph offices. The Telephone Company does not assume responsibility for the
correct transmission of the messages.
Telephones are Installed, in the first instance, at the location directed by the
subscriber free of charge. If a change of location be desired, the charge therefor
will be $1.00, where the telephone is moved from one part of the room or building
to a different location in same room or building when no outside work is done,
and $2.00 where it is moved from one building to another.
Ten Days' Notice for Changing location of telephones should be given. Sub-
scribers are requested to report fully by letter any change in firm name or
business, for correction in the following issue of Directory.
It is Impossible for Operators to give attention to complaints of trouble,
therefore subscribers are requested to report any irregularities in their service
promptly to the Chief Operator.
Patrons are Cautioned against the possible entry into their premises of
Fraudulent Persons posing as Repairmen, Inspectors or Collectors. Employees
of this Company, duly authorized to install, repair or remove telephones, or
collect for service, are provided.with proper credentials. Please guard yourself
against any misrepresentation by asking to see these credentials.
When the Toll Lines are Desired ask Central for Long Distance. When the
operator responds, please give your name and telephone number, the name of
the party you wish to talk to, and where he can be found.
Night Toll Rates are In Effect In Wisconsin between 6 p. m. and 6 a. m.,
and amount to about one-half the day rates. Night rates are in force all day
on Sundays to Wisconsin points reached by this Company's lines. Appoint-
ments to talk at night or at any specified hour will be made without extra
charge. Toll bills are rendered each month and are payable on demand.
Schedules of Rates In Force at each exchange are on file at the Central
office and can be examined by applying to the Manager.
Messages will be Reversed-sent collect, provided the subscriber at the
distant station accepts the charges, and if the request for reversal of charges
is made before the conversation is held. Charges for messenger service, how-
ever, cannot be reversed, but must be paid by the party calling.
No Charge will be Made when the person called for cannot be found, but,
if the calling party communicates with the telephone called for, the tariff will
be charged whether the particular person wanted is present or not.
For a Reasonable Message Fee, non-subscribers will be called to the tele-
phone whenever possible.
This Company Connects with the American Telephone & Telegraph Com-
Dany. furnishing service to all of the important cities in the country.
The Fire Department and the Police Department are always available by
telephone. Tell your story briefly, calmly and distinctly, giving your street
address, and answer promptly any question asked by the Department called.
The Company Cordially Invites all users of the telephone to call at any
Exchange for an inspection of the operating room and other interesting details
of the business. The unique features of a Telephone Exchange are but little
understood by the public at large, and observations by subscribers often lead
to suggestions, tending to the best results in the service.
This Company Assumes no Liability for damages arising from names left
out of this Directory or from errors occurring in its compilation or printing.
A Copy of this Directory is delivered free to every subscriber for use until
the next issue, but the book remains the property of the Company. It is im.
perative that the current issue be always used to obtain correct call numbers

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