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Loose, Myrtle; Bastian, June / Persohn family tree 1812-1988

Additional history,   pp. 6-15 PDF (5.3 MB)

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Some thirty years have passed since I finished the first ed-
ition of this Persohn genealogy in 1954. Our forebears Joachim
and Karoline Lange Persohn and their seven children in generation
A are all deceased. Most of generation B are also departed. Even
relatives in the third or C and fourth D generations are missing,
but life goes on day after day and new descendants are added to
the genealogy family. This makes this an unending job, to keep it
up-to-date, but it is interesting work.
As mentioned in the first story, our ancestors were religious
people and attended services in a pioneer church of the Evangel-
ical Association in the township of Maple Grove in Manitowoc Co.
As more people settled in the Brillion township, some held relig-
ious services in their private homes.
The first communion service was held February 12, 1862 at which
time these relativess H.J.Timm, Minna Timm, Joachim Persohn and
Caroline Persohn and others from the community were received on
probation. In Aug. of 1863 more new members including William
Persohn, Carl Persohn, Johann Meitzner, Sophie Meitzner, Fred Timm,
Fred Bastian and others from the area were added. H.J.Timm served
as class leader for the young parish and the Rev. Christian Schultz
of Green Bay helped the group. They also organized a Sunday School.
On Aug.28, 1864 Fred Hintzmann and Henrietta Hintzmann and four
others joined this group of worshippers. By Jan.1, 1865,Albertine
Persohn, my grandmother known as Mrs. Carl Zick, was also with the
group seeking membership to the church.
During 1868 and 1869 regular meetings were held in a school
house in the township of Brillion. Between 1860 to 1869 circuit
riders and pastors from Newton, Green Bay, Charlestown, Schleswig
and Sheboygan served this congregation. Rev.G.L.Limper served
from 1870 to 1872 and during his ministry the first church was
built at the S/t corner of the S/E one quarter of the S/ quarter
of Sec.10 in Township No.20 North of Range No.20 and the parson-
age in Sec.11. An acre of land was purchased from each John Meitzner
and Fred Hintzmann for the sum of $45.00. The church deed (where
church building and parsonage stand on) was deeded to John Meitz-
ner, Christian Tesch, Michael Reichardt, Henry Timm, Fred Bastian,
John Schulz, Ludwig Timm, William Persohn and Charles Persohn as
Trustees to hold church property for the German Society of the
Methodist Episcopal Church of the Town of Brillion, Mar.14, 1871.
This is registered in Vol.1 of Incorporation on page 30 on Mar.
24, 1871. It is registered as the Charlestown and Brillion Mission
in the German Fond du LacDistrict of the Northwestern German Con-
ference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Land description is recorded in Reg.of Deeds book Vol.1 p.602
and 603 in Calumet County Court House, Chilton, Wisconsin.

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