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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

Local church activities,   pp. 46-47 PDF (419.4 KB)

Page 46

  We found when we arrived here, the 11th of June, 1857,
that both Mr. Kidder and Mr. McNair were holding meetings
and dividing their work-one a Congregationalist and the
other a Presbyterian. The meeting house on the East side was
a small building boarded with rough boards, and battened,
and on the West side the meetings were sometimes held in
what was known as the Niagara Hotel, kept by George A.
Buffington, and sometimes in a hall over the store of Budd &
Holbrook. Sometimes they would be held in the forenoon over
the river, and Mr. Kennedy and I and our wives would row
up the river in a small boat; then in the evening, Mr. Kidder
or Mr. McNair would hold services in the hall and then come
down to our boarding house and stay all night. We had bet-
ter singing when Mr. Kidder held the meetings because he
was a good singer. Miss Augusta Kidder was large enough
to sing and could play the little organ we moved from one
place to the other. The Presbyterians and the Congregation-
alists each had an organization, with a small number of mem-
bers. Before coming here we attended the Presbyterian church
and your mother was a member of that church in Glens Falls
and at Lake George, and Mr. Kennedy also was a Presbyterian.
The Presbyterians thought they ought to build a church, and
solicited subscriptions. Mr. Kennedy and I were subscribers,
as I remember, to the extent of about half the amount they ex-
pected to put into it. We had the only planing mill in the
valley and furnished the dressed lumber and a greater part of
all of the building material. Shaw & Huntington had a small
hardware store on the East side and furnished the hardware.
Both of them, as I remember, were members of the church. Few
of the members had much money, and they were running in
debt largely for the material they got at home, what money
they had going to buy the sash and doors and other things that

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