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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

A long drive,   pp. 33-34 PDF (398.6 KB)

Page 33

                  MET MR. KENNEDY
   After my trip, as above, I went back to the city where your
mother was. She had spent most of the time while I was away
with Mrs. Bronson. After a few days I went to the River
Blaunch, and Buckingham, to look after the company's work
there. Mr. Kennedy, who afterwards came to Eau Claire with
me, was the foreman and a millwright there, and about that
time married a Miss Atkinson, whose people lived near Gat-
ineau Point, across the river, and on the north side from Otta-
wa or Bytown. They were keeping house at the Blaunch mills
and when I went there to look after the work I usually got a
good meal with them.
                     A LONG DRIVE
   Sometime in the winter of 1855, I made a trip with Mr. Gil-
more to the River Trent. We started from Ottawa about nine
o'clock in the morning with a livery team and covered sleigh
for Prescott, on the St. Lawrence; stopped for dinner and
changed horses at Kempville. After lunch, as they called it,
we drove to Prescott, where we again changed horses, then on
to Brockville, I think about fifteen miles, where we got dinner
at night, changed horses again, and reached G-ananocqua,
about twenty miles from Brockville, a little after midnight;
changed horses again, and then on to Kingston, reaching there
about 4:30 next morning. We were well comfortably bundled
with furs, fur coats and collars and buffalo robes, and were
driven to the British American Hotel. After breakfast we
started for Naphanee, 25 miles distant, with a fresh team. We
took lunch at Naphanee, and changed horses again, and reach-
ed Belleville, 25 miles further, in time for dinner at night, and
after dinner, with a fresh team, we were driven twelve miles
further, to the River Trent. Mr. Gilmore had advised Mr. Cum-
mings, the agent that we would be there, and Mr. Cummings

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