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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

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to Winter Course students. These give opportunities for a
touch of college spirit that gives students an idea of "the
Spirit of Wisconsin."
  The Agricultural Experiment Association. The associa-
tion is an organization of former students of the College of
Agriculture and others who are interested in introducing
improved methods and practice upon their farms. This as-
sociation has been especially helpful in conducting field tests
with grain and forage crops and in growing and disseminat-
ing purebred seeds.
   The annual meeting of this association occurs during the
second term of the Winter Course and the students are
given an opportunity to attend the meetings and to become
members. R. A. Moore is secretary of the association.
  The Wisconsin International. The Wisconsin Interna-
tional put on by the Saddle and Sirloin Club is an event that
shows the real mettle of the Winter Course boy. The compe-
tition is keen in the show ring and a large share of the prizes
are won by the Winter Course boys.
                   Closing Day Exercise
  Students who compete the studies of the Winter Course in
a satisfactory manner will be granted Winter Course cer-
tificates duly signed by the President of the University and
Dean of the College of Agriculture.
  For the last ten years the certificates have been presented
at the Closing Day exercises held on the last day of the
course. Some prominent speaker is procured to give the
address and special music is furnished for this occasion.
        Winter Courses at the College of Agriculture
  The General Farming Course-See page 18 and 19. This
is our main course requiring two winters of 15 weeks each
and 36 credits to receive the certificate. Each winter is
divided into three terms. The first year is a requirement for
all who are not high school graduates of its equivalent. In
the second year and extended schedule on page 22 are sug-
gestions for those who wish to take a third winter at the Col-
lege. Upon completion of the third year a special certificate
is granted.

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