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Gay, Leonard W. / New atlas of Dane County, Wisconsin, prepared from actual surveys and from the county records

Oregon: Township 5 North, Range 9 East,   pp. 46-47

Page 46

Directory of Oregon.
Oregon, 1
Floyd, 2
Story, 3
Brodhead, It
Madison, 5
Belleville, 7
Brooklyn, S
Allies, John I
Aues, H. N. 1, Will. 3
Anderson, John I
Alsop, Thos. S
Black, Claus 2
Blaek. Louis 1
Burke, J. D. 2
Burke, T. P. 2
Burke, Geo. C. 1
Burke, Mrs. Jas. 3
Byrne, Wil. I
Byrne, Jas. 1
Bvrue. Hugh 1
Bartlett, 0. K. 1
Baldwin, Julius S
Babler, Jacob 8
Baerina, i Joli
Beitz, \\i. 1
Bennett, E. I
Buekley, \ Vi. I
Braunnan, John 1
Breuling, Jos. 3
Boyce, Reuben S
Cary, Jas. I
Chandler, L. S. 2
Christianson est.. K
Cleveland, Win.
Colby, G. 11. 3
Colby, R. H. 3
Colby, J. L.
Creasor, Mrs. Jas. 1
Crow, Mris. MIary S
Ctlp, J. I
1)nlk , Mrs. S. J1. I
)evine, A. C. I
l)eville, .1udsoll t
Devine. (has. I
)Dooliltle, 1. M. I
1Dorr, 1Ed. 1
l oyh,, O wen S
ltreher, Frank I
lDrehler, Irs.  us.auii
Drelier, .John I
I)relier., 'iniaO I
Dick, V. I
I)ti'anl, \.
D urand, t). 0.
Dwigllt, 1E. \N.
lmh-ood, 'Ilhos.
lFai\'re, C'ha . :1
1irre/i, \ni\Il  S
Fahe, Pat. S
Fauike,, 64eo. 3
lFeelaeV, J]olla I
Fini, John 2
Fitzgerdhl, 2Mil-el. S
Fitzgerald, Vil. ,
Fiaiia n, -lar in2
Fox est. (leo. 2
Fox, J. 1;. 1
Fox, Phil. 3
Freelil, Oype i
Garraty, laria I
-afke, Jos. 1
G-ilbert, Iol  1
Glidden, D. '. 8
Gradyv , Pat. 3
Grady, Thos. I
Grady, _\V. 3
Gray, H. 0. 3
Girard, Julian 8
Hanson, Miller 1
Hanson, Hanls I
Hanson, G. T. 8
Hanson, C'hris. 2
lliaes, (4o,. S
alrrison, B. 1
IloIls, 3. I
I I henelberry, tiehiard 3
Ililhehianlt. Frankl ;8
IIook, ('h1as S
tlook, Ileumy S
Il ockin5,. Mrs. Jas. I
llughes, T. J1. 3
llynke, \V II.  I
Jackson, E. 11. I
elnson, I. s
Johillsoll, 0). C'.
.,OlnsoU, A. 1'. 1
Jhiusoll, Mlartin l
J ohnlsonl, MAalt. ,,
Johnson, N. S. I
Kaiser, il i.  I
l'(ais-e., N kqrilia  I
Kaiser, .1. B. 1
Kaiser, (a rrie I
lliai~cr. Addle E'. I
aiser. (G. N. I
Kellev. Variin 2
Kelhl,\ Mrs. Kale 1
1Ke13i , yIel li I1
tKierstead, E'. fl. I
lKierstead, (;. I
Kierstead, I. A.
lilne, B.;. I
Ilayiln, John I
Larsill, Jells I
Lallio'ly, (lstave 1
Lawh lr, .1. 3
Iworey, Nat 1
l~ockwood, Il. 1). 1
A1adson, ('hris. 2
Main, E. 1). 1
Alalsoll, -asiUs
Manion, WXIII. 1
Mortenson, Peter
Martin, B. U. 8
Mason, -Martin S
Mardvinl, 1I. ti. 1
Mct~eche, Mr,. lDan'l 2
Mt(arhy, Mrs. Mary
McNair ,  4iles 4
Mcio\\all Pl. I
Mec'oriuitek, Pnt, S
Ilt-Colubl, is:jIil. 1
Merriltt, "-oloninl I
Mol'leilsoi/, {h's
Iontolluie.vl, I'. 1.
Mlorr'ison, FK. 11. 1
NIurYliy, Daniel I
Na 'le est., itt. I
N1 Isoli, Hils I
Nk'lsloll, .Jaol, I
Nelsoil, Carl I
Nelson, lEntler\ I
Nether\rooI, i% W. I
New ton e., El11. I
Nixon, .1. IF. 1
Nol/, Al-:ui
O'lBrien, C'. 8-
O'Brien, Johll  S
Olseon, lPeter 31
OIsen, Thlos. S
O'Neil. Jerry V
()'Neil, Jas. I
O'NeiI, rihos, 1
Owen, .1. 1E. S
'aliler,  rs.  (.has.  2
Paine, A. S
Paine, F. 1B. 8-
Peteis~on, M1artol 1
Petirsoui, Nels 2
lPtiteslil, Pter 11  . 1
Petersoll, 11. 1
Petersl'n. 0. 1
lPetersoun, IHasutlus 11
Pirnlot, ,]ase1p I
Pierce, J. (;. 2
Pierce, Ira 2
Pierc'e, '. 2
Pratt, S. 1. 1
Pratt, C. A. 1
Purcell, Pat. I
Ilaslnussll, A. E. I
liasliitlssei, .JacobI 3
lasillissell, I le1Il'lill
lilaids, Edwin a
I iluiids, JI. 11.
1 (ot, .iane I
lzooli'y, WV. I". I
IPollins, lohveri a
Salishurily, 1). C. 1
1'. illh  S
S         Cl   NIadoll
Shllia.aI T\ 1
Sn11.lall, Jolt it s
SiloIs, MX. V.1
,,holts, it 1111d S
Shyolts, E. I). s
Shllr, Waiter :;
Sl'oeliiilK C. 3I
Smiur, Mrs. Ii   S. 1
,sinlithl, lhcnr.v S. S-
Siliilh, 1th.ltvt S
Sitith, tCla-yloli 8
Editll'gar ,"
Snyder, 11l11. S
Speirry, V. N. 8
I'll  li,  ll, aslI
TIholillpsoU , ( eo.
Tiplqlh' tt. 3
T Lro \\ ,4 . IVaIls
Vanl \Vlie, 11. B3. 7
Wnteni-all, rs. Clhas. I
\elclt, \Irs. Jas . 1
Wechh, NViii. I
WhXitnilore, E. B. 1
\Willianison, A\. :
Wolfc, M1aiiual I
WXood, 'lhos,. :1,
"New Daylight Store,"
With All the .,&,Latest Dress Goods and Silks
Is the most popular store in the city to do your shopping.
i W. main st.
madison, Wis.
mGormiak flarVstinu mainc Go.
%QaManufacturers ofV
Binders, IMowers, Reapers,
Gorn Binders, Corn Huskers,
Rakes and BindinA Twine.
Factory and Main Office CHICAGO.
Office and Warehouse Cor. Blount and Williamson Sts.
oo 1s  MADISON, WIS.
GOVsv' PialO                  wdrchOu        ,
3 S. PinGkHU St., Madison, Wis
The place to buy Pianos and Organs,
And get the best and Right Prices.4
The Popular Music House in Western Wisconsin.
J. W. GROVES, Manager.
Breeder of Red-Polled Cattle.
mcstport *Rot[cr lMUi[3
W. A. HODGE, Proprietor.
"Home Industry," our best Wheat Flour.
Rye Flour, Fresh Graham, Fresh Corn Meal,
Buckwheat Flour and all kinds of Feed.
ltb Burdick, Pccber, murray Co.
Dry 6oods, l)otions, * *
Tancy 6oods and Millinery.
.4,Ogiivie's Old Si
17-19 E3. Main bt., Madison,
Visit  THE
The Largest, Best Equipped and o
Only Department Store in the City.
Our Prices - Competition. Proof - Always the Lowest.
Madison, Wis.               KAISER BROS.
0. E . HUNTI
(Successor to Hunt & Bowman.)
Livery, Boarding and Sale Stable
'Phone 146.
702-6 Williamson Street.   MADISON, WIS.
120 N. Butler St., MADISON, WIS.
Realistate, Loans, Insurance,4.4.4
AoAt Houses, Farms, Stores for Sale or Rent.
]3ennett. Mrs. L. 3.

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