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Gay, Leonard W. / New atlas of Dane County, Wisconsin, prepared from actual surveys and from the county records

Middleton: Township 7 North, Range 8 East,   pp. 42-43

Page 42

Postoffice Directory of Middleton.
Middleton, 1
Pheasant Branch, 2
Cross Plains, 3
lladison, 4
1it. Horeb, 5
Waunakee, 6
Barwig, 7
Riley, S
Verona, 9
Addison, John 7
Acher, Geo. I
Ahler, A. 1
Albrecht, Fritz 1
Albrecht, Chas. 1
Albreclht, John 1
Arndt, Carl I
Askew, 'Mrs. I
Astell, Mrs. 1
Basse, Fritz 1
Banmian, L. 1
Barckhahn, John 1
Barckhahn, Carl 1
Beathien, Fritz 1
Benn, Mrs. 1
Bell, Ed. 1
Bell, A. 1
Benken, Fritz 4
Beneke, F. 1
Binger, Herman 1
Blucher, John 1
Brunun, H. 1
Brunmi, S. 1
Brunim, Win. 1
Brumm, Chas. 1
Bremnier, Carl 1
Broadbend, Jas. 4
Britt, Henry 1
Britt, Mrs. 1
Busch, Henry 1
Busch, Win. 1
Burmeister, 0. H. 1
Burmieister, Win. 9
Carpenter, John 1
Coolidge, Clara 1
Cullen, Win. 1
Dahnke, Aug. 1
Dahlk, Chas. 1
Dahlk, John M. 1
Dahlk, Win. C. 8
Deineet, John, 1
Denner, Jr., John 1
Denstead, Henry 1
Dohse, Fred. I
Drives, Fred. 1
Drives, Mrs. S. 1
l)nriurr, Frank I
Drager, Carl I
Drager, John I
Duhrkopp, lohn
Dull, .loe 1
1)ullllhy, 'Mrs. I
l)urkopp, Will. I
Durkopp, Carl I
Diue, Jo1hn I
D)nwe, I lenry I
Duwe, Fritz 1
l)uwe, Adolph 1
Dye, Mrs. I
lI'ver, G. XV. 1
Elver, est., Fritz I
Elvert, Jas. 1
Eiiery, .John S
EIvert. John 1
Flenlling. Thos. I
Fivenian, Fritz I
Freeilan, Sololnan
Fruloch, .Jos. I
Gallagher, Pat. 2
Gerde, H. I
(Goodwin, Dan'l 4
Goodwin.. Join 4
Goodwin, Viii. 4
Goth, Carl 1
(Goth, Frank I
Goth, Tensie 1
Goth, Vin. 1
Gordon, Geo. 1
Gordon, Thos. I
Green, ttenry 1
/ralandt, John11 1
Grabandt, Fritz 1
G(ugler, \V. 1
Gust, Aug. 1
Hank, John I
Hank, Carl 1
Haak, Win. F. 1
Haak, Aug. 1
Harloff, Mrs. 1
Harolt ( Gust. 7
Hanibrecht, F. 1
Hanson, F. 1
Hallaway, ,Vm. 1
Hallock, Y. 1
Herring, Conrad 2
Herrick, L. 1). 4
Hernian, Henry 1
Heidenworth, Carl
Hemin, Anton 1
Heinze, Mrs. 1
Henreich, -Vni. 1
Henning, Chris. 7
Hinrich, Mrs. L. 1
Heinrich, Ed. 1
Heinz, Carl 1
H1-oftmlan Henry I
l lotlian, .lr., Wil. I
ltofnian, F. ,. I
tope, .1lhn 1
1H0pe, 'Mary I
llo/erland Ilenr'y 1
lolerland,   inV . I
ttoltzworh, John I
Jacobs, Ludwig I
.1hen thal, ill. 1
.Jblenthal, .John 1
.orger, lhenry I
.lungl'ith, .John 1
.lIlglutlh, M[rs. I
.uigo, Aug. 2
Kadin,g, Cairl 1
lKelleny , ,hhhl :2
Kielgost, A1his. 1
l-luchis,.]( in  l
Klucks, Ihnry 1
l(oxpke, J.. 2
lKoenic'ke, John I
Kolpke, WiI. 2
Korth, Peter 3
Koyeie, .las. I
KO.S, Aug. 1
1\() o-  John11 6
grusbe Chrwist. 1
Krueger, John 1
LaFehner, Henry I
Lapply, Jr., .Join I
L~ain, Philip 4
Lanilb, XX ni. I
LIwrenee, Lucius I
Ledech, Winl. I
1'eIlieke, Wil. I
Livsey, J. 4
Ilnvelhe, Will. 1
ILuhcka, .1r., John 1
Lubcka, Sr., John I
Ilbcka, Fritz 1
Lubtraw, Aug. 1
Luth, John 1
Mack, M. 1
Martin, Mh. Aug.
Maloy, Mrs. 1
\leng, Jacob 1
Meier, J. 1
Meier, Carl I
Mehrhofl; Louis 1
Miller, Peter 1
Miller, John F. I
Miller, P. B. 1
Miller, Jos. I
Miller, L. 1
Miller, Wil. 1
Meinke, L. 1
Morhoflf Chris. 1
Neal, (4o). 7
Neal, C. 1t. 7
Neal, (G. i. 7
Neibaulli llbenry I
Nelson, C. 4
Niteinaa, Aug. I
N iand, ltenry v 2
Nieland, Carl 2
Niehlad, .John 1
Ort, (Chris. I
Oft, linry I
Owen, F. T. 4
Pane, Ilolt. 1
Ptels, Vi. I
Petercieh,, Albin 3
Peterliiall, los. 1
l'enliel, A. I1. 4
Piels'trl, AXV. F. I
Picrs-tortf, ('arl I
t'iersto rll. Ciris. 1
Piehi, Jhohn 5
Prien & therring I
Prehilu Clrl I
Quiglhy, lrs. 2
alnn1urg, H. I
RanienhourI , Mhm. 4
Rllndel, .John I
IeigslItarlf, Vni 3
Rihoder, Frank 1
lfieknuin, C. 3
t/ipp, Jerry 1
ticlhardson, David 1
Ilicltrlson, A. At. 4
Rowedel, F. 1
Rowley, A. A. I
Rogers & lodge 4
Rothchild, Mhis. I
Russ, -lMI. 'M. 1
Runge, Adolph 1
Snliftlebell, Carl 3
Sander, John I
Sander, Fritz 1
Sehllidt, Richard I
Schroeder, John 1
Schroeder, Aug. 1
Schneider, Aug. 1
Schneider, Jacob 1
Schtoider, Will. 1
Schueid', IL. 1
Schehe, Aug. 3
Schuletburg, Wil. 3
Schoch, Chas. 1
Schuster, Peter I
Schuster, Henry 1
Sc]hewe, Wil. 1
Selhewe, Henry I
Schween, Chas. I -
Sichween, Wil. 7
sellween, .John 1.
Schultz, X\III. I
Sculltz, Jacob I1
S(hultz, .1 os. I
schwell kert, Jlohnl
Seier, lienry 4
SIlock, C. l
'Showers, El lil1 Iluel
Siede, John I
Stanc'h, .John I
Stale, S. 1
Stolte, Aug. 1
Striher, .1acolb 1
Stieginlaai, Fritz I
Stell  , 11hnry 1
Teckhail, .John 1
Tehhani, Minnie, I
Tec'khain, Fritz lI
Teckhani, lhcnry I
Tietllnlan, I lenrllall
Tied(-nian, Jthihn 1
Toepolr, .111s. Lewis
Toe~lfr, (Otto 1
VallsieI , T. 7
Xass, Aeolph I
Vass, Will. I
Vansiden, .John 4
Vath, tleirv I
Verkholtz, Iler11an
Vernon, D~aniel 4
Walsh, Thos. I
Walsh, .John 1
Waller, Aug. 1
Walter, Ilellry 1
Walter, Wil. I
Wardle, Mrs. I
Weisenburg, L. I
Wendt, John 2
Wendt, Frank 2
Westplhal, Carl I
Westphal, Louisa I
\A essel, Theo. 1
Wesel, Albert I
Wessenburg, Will. I
Whalen, Henry 1
Whalen, Walter 1
Whitt, Wi. 1
Williamis, F. V. 1
Willianls, W. C. I
Witteniburg, Hlenry 1
Wittenburg, J. W. I
Wolf, John 2
Wolf, ('iris. 2
Worth, Alex. 2
Worstenburg, Mrs. 1
Young, Jasper 7
Zarndt, ienry I
Ziseh, Louis I
Zeigler, Dennis 2
Everything New and Strictly Up-to-date at Lowest Prices
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112 Kinq btreet
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623 East Main St.
Power Punch.
'Phone 37.
Power Shear.
Boilers, Engines, Feed Cookers, Steamers, Valves, Pipe, Pack-
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Boxes, Hitching Posts, Boiler Tubes and Steam Goods
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Also Contractors for Steam and Hot Water Heating.,4.4i
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Xl  ie  elr &Hrmo  u br

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