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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

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become established on six or seven farms in the county. I can say
little here regarding it except to say that it is a weed whose dam-
age can be much greater than Quack Grass and Canada Thistle combined,
and that is saying quite a lot. Its control lies in getting at it
before it is well established on a farm.
      We have tried to keep timely information and notices of meet-
 ings before the public through our weekly news items in our papers
 of the county. We have not expressed our personal opinion but have
 tried to bring to the attention of farmers as much factual informa-
 tion and new developments in the field of Agriculture as possible.
 AGRICULTURAL   D       AO      C
      This office has devoted considerable of its time to the Home
 Economics and Agricultural departments of the county, in not only
 soliciting the help of the teachers in these departments to assist
 us, but also that we might be of assistance to them in their depart-
 ments. We have had splendid cooperation from each of them and we
 feel that this cooperation has been well worthwhile.
     This report is an attempt to review briefly the work carried
on through the County Agricultural Agents office. We realize that
there are some who have yet to make use of this office. The policy
of the office is to be of service to anyone who wishes this service.
In our work we have had whole-hearted cooperation of our Agricul-
tural Committee, of our County Board members, both as county board
members, and town chairman, village and city supervisors. Our
newspapers have cooperated 100%. They have given us freely of their
space and have been an important factor in disseminating information
to the farmers of the County.  Our Agricultural and Ho:-e Economics
departments have all done their part in helping to promote our
agricultural interests. We have not been able to give as much
help on any one phase of the work as we would like. There are so
many problems coming up day by day and each demands its fair share
of attention. Sometimes we feel that we have slighted some of the
projects that need our attention. Our services have extended gut
to 325 farms and homes by personal visits. During the course of
the year there have been 7,004 office calls and 3,566 telephone calls
in addition to the 6,788 personal letters sent out. We have tried
to divide our time to give a fair consideration to all who have re-
quested services through this office. The prime purpose of the
County Agricultural Agent is to disseminate additional information.
We have tried to fulfill that purpose and to work cooperatively,
to not only make for a sound agriculture but to promote and inspire
rural life.

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