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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

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     Advanced pins mero awarded to Mrs. Julius Anderson of the
 opyard Crusaders; Mrs. Frank Draxior of the Woodside Happy
 ustlors; Eugone Frey of the Glover Hill-Billios; 14rs. Albion
 uller of the Girlst Challongors; Mrs. Essio Hanson of tile Oak
 rove; Mrs. Ben Hovde of the Roly-Poly; H. C. Jacobson of the
 randviow Hustlers; Donald Martin of the HIammond Wondor Workers;
 lrs. Chas. Meath of the Erin Hustlers; Miss Marie Scheole of the
 loverleaf 4-H; Mrs. Andrew Wold of the Jolly Juniors; and Mrs.
 Pete Schafer, of the Worthwhile Club.
                           Club Newspaper.
     The club newspaper which we started last year met with the
approval of club leaders and club members to the extent that to
the suggestion of dropping it this year - many of them were much
concerned about it and wanted it continued. We have used this
ewspaper each month to inform club members and leaders of the
appenings of club work. We have tried to keep the important
changes in rules and regulations before the members at all times,
e have tried to write into the paper as much enthusiasm as possible
so that club work will be colorful to rural youth.
                          Soil Testing Program.
     Xjhen 17. P. A. made possible a Soils Testing program, we
hastened to take part in it. A total of 448 samples were tested
in the office with W.P.A. labor. These samples were brought or
mailed in by farmers interested in having determined the present
condition of their soil. Careful tests were made for available
phosphorus and potash as well as to determine the acidity of the
soil. Letters of recommendation were written each farmer so that
he had a thorough understanding of the condition of the soil of
his sample which he sent in. It is a recognized fact that our
soils today are not what they were a half-century ago. Vie are
beginning to re-build much of the fertility lost through continued
cropping. Lime is definitely a contributing factor to low yields,
especially to legumes. Phosphorus and potash are needed on
approximately 90 d of our lands  which is under cultivation.   This
report would look like good information for commercial fertilizers
organizations. However, it has been the policy of this office to
ake recommendations on what it will take to replenish the soil
ith the needed elements to grow a successful crop. We have not
pushed the sale of commercial fertilizer, but we do believe that
it is going to take commercial fertilizers to help re-build our
soils. Much good can be done by plowing under luxuriant growths
of green manure crops such as soybeans and sweet clover and by
the use of lime.
    VJ.P.A. lime projects wore operated in three pits this past
year. 3681 tons of lime were deliverod to St. Croix County farmers
from these three pits.  Plans have been made to re-open these pits
for the coming year.

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