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Annual report, 1939: St. Croix Co. Agricultural Agent

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    This report will review for you a part of the work carried
on through the County Agents office. The County Agricultural
Agent is the active representative of the Agricultural Cormaittee
of the County Board. It has been the aim of the County Agricul-
tural Agent to work in close harmony and cooperation to fulfill
the wishes of this county. This office is conducted and sponsorod
by county, state, and federal funds. It wishes to serve in any
capacity possiblethe farmers of St. Croix County.
     The several federal prograias, all of which have a definite
part in our Agricultural program, were cooperated with in the
hope of bringing to the farmers of St. Croix county the best poss.
ible services. While the County Agent has not taken any active
part in any of these federal programs this past year, he has beon
interested in them and worked for their success.
                         Soil Conservation
     97% of the farmers of St. Croix County participated in the
1939 Agricultural Conservation program. This was the highest
percentage of participation in any county in the state this year.
As secretary to the County Conservation Committee, the County
Agent has had very close contacts with the principles and work
policies of this program. Additional material and information
has been given out through the office from time to time in the
form of individual contacts and especially so in the various edu-
cational meetings held in the county from time to time.
     Disregarding the payment end of the program for the time
being, the high-spot in the Soil Conservation Program was the
second-annual Farmer-Business men's Banquet held at Now Richmond,
January 17th, at the Hotel Beebe. County and comnmunity committee-
men and their businessmen guests enjoyed a fine banquet, followed
by discussion of the broader policies of the program by both far-
mers and businessmen alike. Keener interest on the part of business
men was manifest this year than at the previous banquet. Ben Rusy,
state supervisor of County Agents, was the principal speaker of
the evening. Following his discussion of agricultural problems,
he entertained the group with songs and stories which added much
to the program.
     Because of the fine cooperation between farm reporters, county
committee, and clerical help, it was possible for the Association
to pay out $120,280.55 to 1614 farmers, beginning October 18,1939.
This represents the first group of checks to be paid for the 1939
payments. There wore 281 parity payments for wheat made, which
totaled $1,736.59. The payments for the 1938 program totaled
     This office has been interested in promoting sound practices
and has introduced these practices to the farmers of the county

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