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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture
Vol. I (1923-1932)

Among ourselves: a house organ for the staff of the College of Agriculture: Vol. I. No. 9. May 29, 1923,   pp. [1]-2 PDF (791.1 KB)

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               k ~~COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE tW
                  <<UNIEUNIVESTY OF WISCONSIN/9
        Vol. I, No. 9.                                                  
              MMNS  COURSE IN HOI.X ECONIOLiICS.  The ..grieultural Collogo
at its Il..t
        meeting adoptod a new course vwhich is an innovation to a material
degreo in
        the field of hone economics education.    So far the courses organized
in this
        field have beon largely professional.    Courses have definitely
        wonon to enter the profession of teaching, dietitians in hospitals
or insti-
        tutional viork, social wolfaro and health rror.;, laboratory technicians,
        signors, and in other cormiorcial pursuits.   For thcsc coursQs a
hcavy science
        schcdulo is roquired- in fact, so heavy that students in L. '. S.
are unable
        to elect much of any work in hor.cconomics except certain courses
riainly of
        an elementary type.
             The University has thousands of young women who are here to
secure a
        general education of a cultural character.    Doubtlcss many such
wiould gladly
        embraze an opportunity to secure considerable horao oconomics training
W      would be of future service to them if they could do so without taking
        more highly specialized and technical training.
             Comparod with the oxisting hone economics "majors",
the ncu "non-pro-
        fossional course" increasos the requirement in English and reduces
        thc aaount of the general sciences; requires a uinirlmum of 10 credits
in Lot-
        ters and Science and affords a wide selection of electives.     Vlith
such a
        course as this the student can got a general cultural course uith
a m1aximnu
        of 40 credits in Hormc Economics work.   Iiss KSruegor, in discussing
        course with Home Economics educators in the East last vweek, found
thoe    very
        sympathetic with this dovolopment; and from such student reactions
as have
        already boen received by the dopartment, it is apparent that thc
new course
        is likely to be vwoll received.
             ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL CONCERTS given in Madison in many
years was
        presented at the Stock Pavilion on May 21 whon Madam Galli-Curci
        under the auspices of the ;gricultural Colleec Federation Board and
        University School of Music. The A. C. F. Board's sharo of the proceeds
        about %1,250, which will be used by the student organization in advertising
        the College of Agriculture to prospective stbdents.     An equal
sunz goos to the
        School of I~usic and will be turned into thu Union l:emorial Fund.
             THE CURIRENT III THE LEGISLATIV-E STRELIl has beun loss turbulcnt
this wcek.
        The Assembly passed the $5,000 appropriation for now construction
at the
*      Hancock Branch Station by a voto of 54 to 22, this bill havin- previously
        passed the Senatc,
             Anothor attempt was made by thc opposition to resurrect the
bill rcpeal-
         ing the appropriation for the Puninsular Branch Station.     Forrier
         Frank Graas of Sturguon Bay most successfully cor.nbattcd the latest
effort to
         cut thc appropriation to $2,500 annually.

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