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The Aeroplane

Editorial,   pp. 7-8

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THE     AEROPLANE                                 7 
The Press Association 
The "Press Association" is a new organization at East High school.
It was formed 
to manage all business connected with the "Aeroplane," and to create
more interest in it. 
Heretofore the Aeroplane has been edited and published by a few seniors,
who put 
their heads together and did what they could with it. But the school was
not behind it 
then, as It will grow to be with the boosting of the Press Association, therefore
the results 
were not as good as they might have been. 
At present there are about seventy-five members of this Association, but
we mean 
to increase this number to about three hundred by the time of the next issue
in May. 
The qualifications of members are broad and simple. All that is required
is that the 
members pay an annual fee of fifteen cents, and subscribe for the "Aeroplane"
for one 
year. All members must be students in good standing of East High school.
This year we are going to get out two issues of the "Aeroplane,"
and we expect to 
increase the number of issues one a year until we can get out at least four
every year 
We hope that we shall have the help of the people of the city, as well as
that of the stu 
dents to accomplish this. 
Whose "Aeroplane" is this, anyway? Does about seven-eighths of
it belong to the 
East High Senior Class, and the rest to the rest of the school? No! It is
the property 
of all this city. The students are merely its editors and agents. It belongs
especially to 
the parents of the students and to the business men. Now why is it that these
particularly the latter, are so insistent upon disowning their own property?
Surely, it 
is not the slight cost that causes their action, yet what else could it be?
We can see no 
other reason. 
Let us give a few points in favor of school papers in general and the "Aeroplane"
particular. They show the people of the city, as well as those of many other
what we are doing and what we have here. This is accomplished through our
department. It also shows us what other schools are doing and gives us many
suggestions. But how can school papers exist without outside support? 
The "Aeroplane" opens for the students a large field for original
and practical work. 
This field, including drawing, soliciting of advertisement, business management,
and all 

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