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The Aeroplane: commencement

Locals,   pp. 78-79

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3iunir Pronm 
One of the most successful "proms" of the history of East High
school was given on the evening of May 17 at Elks' hall by the class 
of 1913. The crowd was probably the largest ever present at an 
event of this kind but everyone reported a fine evening of enjoy- 
ment. The dancing lasted from nine to one in the morning. 
A great deal of credit must be given to the general committee in 
charge of the affair which consisted of Milton Smith, chairman, 
Marion Hollister and Hazel Larsen. The subsidiary committee also 
showed good taste. The music furnished by Vandenberg's orchestra 
was excellent and the decorations were beautiful. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ream and Mr. and Mrs. Wright acted as patrons 
and patronesses. 
O nior (11as tffiy 
The past year seemed to be one of general excellence in every 
line. Therefore it is a fact that the class play given this year is the 
greatest undertaking of its line in the history of East High school. In 
the first place it is a musical comedy while all the others in former 
years were plays without any music whatever. In the second place 
it involves a great many people. Including the chorus there are at 
times sixty people on the stage which is a record as far as High 
School plays are concerned. 
We are sure that by this time its success has been proved 
without a doubt. The characters picked for the leading parts cer- 
tainly are fitted in every way for them and cannot help making a 
The scenes and characters are as follows: 
The main dack of the good ship, "Bounding Bidelia" en route from
"Sunnyside," the home of the pirates. 
Professor Bendigo Bangs ...................... Clarence DuChateau 
Late proprietor of Bangs Wonderful Turkish Dancing Doll. 
Axel  Axelson  ........................................ Carl  W endels 
Late assistant with the Dancing Doll. 
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