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The Aeroplane: commencement

Athletics,   pp. 64-[75]

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AT                       L                         T              W 
A Emirat of Ibr 3alnttalt li'rafwou 
Altho the annual contest against West Green Bay ended in a 
defeat, the entire season was a triumphant one, restoring the foot- 
ball standard of East Green Bay to its former supremacy and result- 
ing in again being considered as one of the foremost teams in Wis 
consin. Heavily outweighed in every contest-being one of the light- 
est teams in the state-the East High eleven showed surprising ability 
not only holding their own, but even outplaying the teams they 
were pitted against, offensively and defensively. Of the six gridiron 
battles fought, East High has but two defeats decorded against her, 
one at the hands of a team who has won the championship of it, 
In the first contest against Kaukauna, that eleven was completel3 
outplayed and defeated by the East High team, who were outweighed 
about fifteen pounds to the man, by the score of six to nothing.  In 
his contest the local team showed the swiftness, fine team work and 
fighting spirit which they maintained throughout the season. 
East High suffered defeat at the hands of the Menominee, Mich- 
igan eleven, the championship team of that state, by the score of four- 
teen to nothing. Outweighed between twenty and twenty-five pounds 
to the man, and having a number of substitutes in the line-up, East 
High put up a battle that will long be remembered by the Menom- 
inee eleven, seriously threatening their goal a number of times by 
fierce onslaughts of the backfield and ends. 
In both contests with Oconto, the first ending with a nothing to 
nothing score and the second in a victory for East High by the score 
of twelve to nothing, the local eleven showed their supremacy, altho 
again outweighed about twelve pounds to the man. Forward passes 
and open plays were worked to great advantage by the local team, 
while the backs and ends ploughed through the heavy Oconto line 
for long gains, the visiting team gaining but little ground. 
The game with Appleton ended with no score by either team, 
East High having the ball in their antagonists' territory the greater 
part of the contest, but on account of the muddy condition of the 
gridiron, could not score. The light local team completely outplayed 
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