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The Aeroplane: commencement

A farewell,   p. 39

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T    H     E        A    E    R    0    P    L    A    N    E 
The foregoing instrument was signed, sealed, published and declared 
by the said Senior Class of the East High School, as and for their 
last will and testament, in the presence of us, who, at their request, 
in their presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereto sub- 
scribed our names as attesting witnesses; and said class was then 
of sound and disposing mind and memory. 
Drawn up by Class Attorney. 
H. L. W., '12. 
A 3VarewtII 
At last the day we've long desired has seen its dawn and yet 
Our joy is not quite unalloyed; 'tis tinged with fond regret. 
We're glad we're through, but still that word "farewell" is hard
to say; 
To our beloved and honored school, the school we leave today. 
But though we leave, we'll bear with us the memory so sweet 
Of happy days spent here, when time sped by with flying feet; 
For all too short the past four years to most of us now seem- 
They've passed as quickly as a bright and pleasant dream. 
Yet Learning's hill was hard to climb and knowledge not acquired 
As easily or rapidly as we might have desired, 
But ready hands with kindly care soon helped to smooth the way 
And to our teachers one and all, we give our thanks today. 
Our thanks and our good wishes for success in future days, 
Esteem and warm affection, and words of earnest praise, 
And instead of growing fainter with the years to come, we know 
These feelings will increase with time and warmer, brighter grow. 
To each dear classmate who with us has borne the toil and strife, 
And cheered with many a joke or jest the past four years of life, 
We give a fond farewell; for now each wends a different way, 
Our paths diverge, perhaps fore'er, on this eventful day. 
And to our friends who stay, we also say goodbye, 
And beg while here they will uphold the honor of East High. 
We leave it in their hands and hope they will increase her fame; 
Farewell, our dear beloved school; all blessings in your name. 
- O 
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