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Wisconsin Agricultural Experimental Association / Twentieth annual report of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Association with Tenth annual report of Alfalfa Order. Address of president, secretary's report, and account of the association's activities in promoting progressive agriculture

Minutes of the meeting of the executive committee,   p. 48 PDF (210.9 KB)

Page 48

was duly seconded the minutes of the last annual meeting which were
published in the last annual report were approved without being read.
This motion carried unanimously. The treasurer's report was then
read and it was moved by Mr. Michels that it be accepted. This mo-
tion was seconded and carried unanimously. The report of the nomi-
nating committee was then read by Mr. Krueger and it was recom-
mended that the present officers be continued for the ensuing year.
This report was adopted unanimously and said officers were duly
On motion the meeting adjourned.
Thursday, Jan. 26, 1922
Minutes of previous executive committee meeting read and adopted.
A budget was presented and discussed, covering expenditures for
the various proposed activities of the association for the coming year.
The fact was emphasized that expenditures and the number of lines of
work must be greatly limited in order to keep within the income of the
association. Appropriations for the following lines of work were fa-
vorably considered:
Two-Acre Corn Yield Contest.
International Hay and Grain Show.
Northern Wisconsin Grain Show.
State Grain Show and Annual Meeting.
Seed dissemination.
The budget as presented was adopted.
A question, put to a vote of the several state associations comprising
the membership of the International Crop Improvement Association,
viz.: "Should the definition Registered Seed as recognized by the in-
ternational association include a requirement that sacks containing
such seed be sealed, or should sealing of sacks be left optional with
the several state associations," was put before the executive commit-
tee for action. The committee voted to favor that sealing of sacks be
left optional under definition of Registered Seed.
It was recommended by vote of the committee to have statement on
association shipping tags that, should the seed sold under such tags
not come up to standard, the purchaser should notify the secretary of
the association.
It was moved and carried that a committee composed of the secretary
and two others to be appointed by him work and report on the subject
of standards for seed grains.
Motion to adjourn carried.

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