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Anderson, A. C. (Alfred Conrad), 1887-, et al. Soil survey of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1931)

Anderson, James Sibree, 1841- Pioneer courts and lawyers of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin : collections and recollections (1921)

Bjerke, Robert A. Manitowoc County 1872 plat map index : an index of the names on E. M. Harney's map of Manitowoc County Wisconsin, 1872 (1985)

Bjerke, Robert A. Manitowoc County 1878 plat book index : an index of the personal names in G. V. Nash's an illustrated historical atlas of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1992)

Bjerke, Robert A. Manitowoc County 1893 plat book index : an index of the personal names in the Manitowoc County sections of C. M. Foote's plat book of Manitowoc and Calumet Counties, Wisconsin (1991)

CÙtÈ, Richard N. Manitowoc County, WI. Cemetery locations (1976)

Egar, Kenwood S. Manitowoc, 1870-1920 : jubilee and homecoming ([1920])

Eggert, Gust. Atlas of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, 1936 (1936)

Farm Plat Book Publishing Official county plat book and rural directory of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1958)

Foote, C. M., 1849-1899 (Charles M.); Henion, J. W.; ca. 1832-1904 (John W.) Plat book of Manitowoc and Calumet Counties, Wisconsin (1893)

Gagnon, Evan Neshotah: the story of Two Rivers, Wisconsin (1969)

Gass, Otto The history of the city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin : its pioneers and early industries prior to 1850 ([1903?])

Geo. A. Ogle and Co. Standard atlas of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1921)

Goeres, Henry Yellowbird : a true tale of the early settlement of Town Schleswig, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1900)

Hubbard, Caroline The history of the city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, from 1850 to 1860 ([1904])

Lohman, Arthur H. Early days in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (1909)

Manitowoc Association of Commerce Manitowoc, "the city of opportunities" ([1929?])

Marathon Map Service, Milwaukee Plat book of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1947)

Nash, G. V. An illustrated historical atlas of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1878)

Pentzien, Louis I. Atlas of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1922)

Plumb, Ralph Gordon A history of Manitowoc County (1904)

Rappel, Joseph J. A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948 ([1948])

Ristad, D. G. In remembrance of the seventy-fifth anniversary, Manitowoc-Gjerpen-Valders congregations (1925)

St. Nazianz Centennial Committee St. Nazianz, 1854-1954 ([1954])

State Historical Society of Wisconsin Wisconsin domesday book. Town studies: Volume 1 (1924)

Stoner, J. J. Manitowoc, Wis., 1883 (1883)

Wisconsin Crop and Livestock Reporting Service Manitowoc County agriculture ([1954])

Wisconsin Crop and Livestock Reporting Service Manitowoc County, Wisconsin agricultural statistics ([1940])

Glimpses of our heritage : town of Centerville and village of Cleveland (1976)

History of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin: Volume I (1912)

History of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin: Volume II (1912)

History of Reedsville to 1976 ([1976?])

20th century malting methods ([1909])

Manitowoc and Two Rivers' part in the World War (1919?)

Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, official farm plat book and directory (1962)

Official program of Manitowoc County Centennial : June 28 thru July 5, 1836-1936, historical and pictorial review with daily events (1936)

[Plat map of the town of Centerville, 1851] (1851)

Riverview Poultry Yards : breeders of high class stock genuine white pekin strains, also mallards and blue winged teal of pure strain ([195-?])

Story of a century, 1848-1948 : Manitowoc County during Wisconsin's first hundred years (1948)

Wisconsin rural resources. Manitowoc County ([1956])

Ehlert, Edward A bit about Branch: some facts concerning the early history of Branch: an interview with Joseph Carbon, Jr. (1967)

Ehlert, Edward The art and science of watch repairing (1967)

Ehlert, Edward The drug store as it was and is (1967)

Plumb, Ralph G. Food and its distribution in early Manitowoc (1968)

Ehlert, Edward Haymaking in the earlier days (1968)

Ehlert, Edward A history of medicine in the early years (1968)

Ehlert, Edward From forest to crop land (1969)

Ehlert, Edward Manitowoc County - a leader in the manufacture of farm machinery (1969)

Krejcarek, Eugene Fishing in Manitowoc County (1969)

Ehlert, Edward Food processing - a Manitowoc triumph (1970)

Ehlert, Edward The development of the dairy industry in Manitowoc County (1970)

Ehlert, Edward The history of banking in Manitowoc County (1970)

Lee, Olaf; Ehlert, Edward History of Stoelting Brothers Company. Cheese making becomes a completely automated process (1971)

Ehlert, Edward The history of "learnin" in Manitowoc County: a monograph dedicated to the alumni of the Manitowoc County Teachers College (1971)

Ehlert, Edward The history of the John Schuette family (1971)

Ehlert, Edward Early drugdom in Manitowoc (1972)

Ehlert, Edward The history of Manitowoc's secondary schools (1972)

Ehlert, Edward The history of aluminum (1972)

Bohn, Lawrence; Ehlert, Edward Railroads and railroading in Manitowoc County (1973)

Ehlert, Edward The German influence in Manitowoc County (1973)

Kadow, Francis M. Opinion molders prominent in Manitowoc's history (1973)

John Nagle's history of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1974)

Ehlert, Edward A Chippewa Indian tells the story of her life (1974)

Gillespie, Ruth Pech Ceske Slovanska Lipa Opera House (1974)

Thompson, Marjorie Barnes A spoonful of honey (1975)

Ehlert, Edward Public libraries of Manitowoc County from 1852 to the present (1975)

Kanetzke, Howard; Wessing, Reinhart Limestone, an importantant [important] and valuable Manitowoc County resource (1975)

Janda, Robert Entertainment tonight: an account of bands in Manitowoc County since 1900 (1976)

Ehlert, Edward; Herzog, R. E.; Denk, George F. The history of the Manitowoc Fire Department (1851 to present) (1976)

Ehlert, Edward Highway and bridge building in Manitowoc County 1836 to the present (1976)

Thompson, Marjorie Barnes The failure of the Bank of Manitowoc (1977)

Bertler, Ray Brickmaking, a Manitowoc industry from the 1850's to about 1948 (1977)

Bertler, Ray History as a ledger reveals it: a sequel of brickmaking, a Manitowoc industry from the 1850's to about 1948 (1977)

Ehlert, Edward The Turnverein, the Turner Hall, and other early day recreational activities (1978)

Velicer, Lloyd Municipal ownership and the Manitowoc, Wisconsin Socialists. 1905-1917 (1978)

Ehlert, Edward Courts and the legal profession in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. From about 1820 to the present (1978)

Lyman, Robert L. The momentous moment: the submarine building program at the Manitowoc shipyards in World War II (1979)

Dushek, Camille, et al. Bohemians prominent in Manitowoc County history: accounts of some of the early settlers, the history of Tisch Mills, etc. (1979)

Pech, Ethel G. The history of Manitowoc, Wisconsin's kindergartens (1979)

Brasser, Dean The effects of World War II on Manitowoc (1980)

This manuscript, originally written as a research paper by a Manitowoc Lincoln High School student in 1970, was published by the Manitowoc County Historical Society as number 40 in its Occupational Monograph series in 1980. The paper discusses events and changes that occurred in Manitowoc during World War II and provides information about the city's wartime industries and economy, social conditions, and community development. It also lists Manitowoc County soldiers, sailors, and marines (but not airmen) who died during the war. Much of the information for this paper was derived from personal interviews with residents who held prominent positions in the community during the war years.

Baer, Marcie; Murray, L. A. The Polish influence on Manitowoc County history (1980)

Juchniewich, Dan The American Hamilton Industries of Two Rivers, Wisconsin 1880-1980 featuring the life of its founder J. E. Hamilton (1980)

Baer, Marcie The Billy Schultz Indoor Circus, a feature Manitowoc attraction in the 1930's which received national attention (1981)

Niquette, Robert A. The Two Rivers Opera House (1981)

Sumberg, Alfred D., et al. The Manitowoc County Jewish community (1981)

Asplund, Arvid; Baer, Marcie The J. E. Hamilton Community House, Two Rivers: 1931-1981 (1982)

Ehlert, Edward Manitowoc County Historical Society diamond anniversary issue. Seventy-five years of historical collection, preservation and publishing (1982)

Boy scouting and girl scouting history briefs: Manitowoc County 1912-to date (1982)

Trask, Kerry A. Journeys to the place of spirits: the journals of an imaginary traveler to Manitowoc (1983)

Lohman, Arthur H. Early days in Two Rivers, Wisconsin: 1848-1900 (1983)

Journey of the Joh. Fr. Diederichs family from Elberfeld to Manitowoc in North America (1983)

Gass, Otto The history of the city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin: its pioneer and early industries prior to 1850 (1984)

Trask, Kerry A. From the edge of the ice: a look back into the life of prehistoric Manitowoc County (1984)

Bartel, Al M. History of School Hill, Wisconsin (1984)

Spevacek, Clarence J. The history of the village of East Two Creeks (1985)

Hubbard, Caroline History of the city of Manitowoc from 1850 to 1860 (1985)

Hammond, F. W. Memories and recollections: more about the Hammond clan (1985)

Vogl, Walter Forest fires in Manitowoc County - 1871 (1986)

Kremers, Gerhard An immigrant letter: Manitowoc-Rapids, in the state of Wisconsin, July 26, 1848 (1986)

Veblen, Andrew A.; Gronlid, John M. Memoirs of two eccentric personalities of Manitowoc's Norwegian community (1986)

Smith, Edward R. Former Manitowoc County Superintendent of Schools Civil War letters have historic merit (1987)

Eggen, Timothy R. History of Lakeside Packing Company 1887-1987: a century of quality (1987)

Soit, Joseph W. Joseph W. Soit and the establishment of Point Beach State Forest (1988)

The flag of Company A, Fifth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry: 1861-1925 (1988)

Wiegand, Richard Otto Silos in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1989)

Trask, Kerry A. Early Manitowoc and a sense of place (1989)

Anderson, James Sibree The Civil War (1990)

Coombs, Leonard A., Jr. Early travels in Manitowoc County: 1634-1835 (1990)

Fay, Georgia M. The Schroeder Brothers Company of Two Rivers, 1891-1991: a family tradition of retail business (1991)

Kunz, Frederick History of the Kunz family in the brewing industry in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (1992)

Cigler, Paul J. Two Rivers and the Populist Party in the 1890's (1993)

Fay, Georgia M. First National Bank in Manitowoc, 100 years of banking: 1894-1994 (1994)

Krejcarek, Eugene The American Sokol Organization in Manitowoc County: physical fitness through gymnastics (1995)

Patek, Allan The 1911 election of Socialist mayor Henry Stolze, Jr. of Manitowoc (1996)

Rommelfanger, Karyl Enstad The letter of Jakob Hessel: a German farmer in Manitowoc County writes home, 1849 (1997)

Carron, Norman; Carron, Fyrne The Carron Net Company of Two Rivers, manufacturer of sport and custom nets (2001)

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