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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

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Page 117

    Manitowoc township was organized as a separate municipality in 1848.
One of
the first school districts in the county was set up in this area as the Mill
School Dis-
trict No. 2. In 1856, the village of Manitowoc was incorporated resulting
in several
joint school districts between the town and the village. Before the village
was in-
corporated, there were school districts numbers 1-2-3-4. Two Rivers school
number joint 5 was organized in 1861, and Manitowoc district number 6 (now
Jt. 6)
in 1862. Manitowoc joint 7, consisting of an area west of Tenth Street to
the west
city limits was set up in 1865. Today only Manitowoc school districts joint
1 (now
Manitowoc city), Manitowoc joint 3, and Manitowoc joint 6 remain. School
numbers joint 1, 2, joint 4, and joint 7 were incorporated into the Manitowoc
school system in 1910.
                       MANITOWOC JT. 3- GOODWIN
                               Gladys Bernhardt
    Notice of first school meet-
ing, Manitowoc, June 28, 1859.
Tp Mathias Leist a taxable in-
habitant of the so-called Dis-
trict No. 3 in said town. You
are hereby directed to notify
every legal voter residing in
Sections Six (6), Seven (7), &
the west half of Section Five
(5), & Section Eight (8) in the
so-called District No. 3 to ap-
pear at the house of B. F. Good-
win in said district on Tuesday,
July 5th at 2 o'clock P. M. for
the purpose of organizing said
district by electing the proper
officers, etc. You will read this
notice to every legal voter, or
in case of absence from home
of such voter, leave a written notice of the time and place of meeting.
                                  A. W. Preston
           Town Superintendent of Schools for the Town of Manitowoc
                             By B. F. Goodwin, Clerk
    The preceding record was copied from the first book of minutes and orders
corded by the early clerks of the present Joint District No. 3 of the towns
of Manito-
woc and Manitowoc Rapids. District No. 3 Manitowoc was the third school set
in the township. Districts 1 and 2, now in the city of Manitowoc, preceded
the estab-
lishment of this district.
    At the July district meeting of 1919, it was decided to name the school
in memory of Benjamin F. Goodwin, who promulgated the idea of setting up
a school
district in this community. The first officers elected were: Moritz Kiel,
director; John
Hall, treasurer, and B. F. Goodwin, clerk.
    In the year 1885, Section 1 and the N½ of Section 12 of the town
of Manitowoc
Rapids were added to District No. 3 creating a joint district. In. 1904 at
a combined
meeting of the Manitowoc Common Council of the City and the Town Boards of
Manitowoc and Manitowoc Rapids, the W½ of the NW¼4 of Section
18 of the Town
of Manitowoc and the N½ of the NWV4 of Section 17 of the town of Manitowoc
severed from Joint School District 1 of the city and added to Jt. District
3 of Mani-
towoc and Manitowoc Rapids.
    At a special meeting of the district held at the home of J. H. Jerome
on October
11, 1859, the schoolboard was instructed to purchase the site for the schoolhouse.
Plans were made to construct a building of twelve-foot posts, with a building
of twenty-four feet and a length of thirty-six feet, to be sided with clapboards.
fications as to the size and building of an entrX were left to the Board.
    Fifty dollars was to be raised for the construction of the school building.
J. B.
Leist, J. H. Jerome, H. W. Brown, Moritz Kiel and B. F. Goodwin each volunteered
donate labor for a designated number of days, in that way lowering the cost
of con-
struction. The power to choose the desks, benches, texts and other necessary
ment wa-s vested in the school board.

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