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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

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    The Callahan Equalization Law became effective on January 1, 1928. Under
law the state apportions to districts $250 per elementary teacher. This is
matched by
$250 from the county for each elementary teacher employed within the county.
section of the law has been amended several times since that date to meet
the problems
of maintaining small schools and of schools that were receiving other aids
and con-
sequently were raising no tax to maintain such schools.
    The second feature of this bill, the equalization feature, provided that
with equalized valuations of less than $200,000 would be entitled to extra
state aid
in addition to the $250 per elementary teacher employed. The Callahan law
its purpose when teachers' salaries were $40 and $50 per month, but it was
inadequate when salaries ranged from $200 to $300 per month.
tltempts were maae every two years to get legislative action to reorganize
cts. The power to reorganize had been given for years to the town boards,
de of a few minor district boundary changes, nothing in the way of suitable
ization work had been done by those boards. In 1943, the legislature gave
superintendent of schools sweeping powers to consolidate and reorganize low
sed school districts in the state. Manitowoc county, because it had no really
  districts escaped the sweeping reorganization of districts carried on so
  in some of the "poorer" counties.
n 1947 state legislature, after wrestling with a 35 to 60 million dollar
)priation bill, finally decided to maintain the existing aids with a few
eary aidu, anu to an1ow this whole proolem o0 scnooi reorganization into
tne nands
county school committee. The following were the duties of this committee:
DUTIES OF COMMITTEE. The county school committee shall draft a plan for
i1 district reorganization of the school districts within the county and
shall hold
ings in each proposed reorganized district or at a convenient place within
a rea-
ble distance therefrom. After approval by a majority vote of its membership,
nittee may, by order, create, alter, dissolve, or attach school districts
subject to
!onditions set forth in section 40.30(1). The order by the county committee
nal except that any person aggrieved by any order of a county school committee
d and recorded pursuant to the provisions of this section or aggrieved by
the re-
or neglect of a county school committee to file orders of alteration, dissolution,
ilidation or creation when petitioned to do so may appeal therefrom to the
court of the county in which the territory described in the petition lies,
within 30
following the issuing and recording of any order, or where a board or county
)I committee or county school committees refuse or neglect to issue and record
rder of alteration, dissolution, consolidation or creation 'thereof within
90 days
wing the filing of the petition.
5TATE SUPERINTENDENT TO ADVISE. The state superintendent shall advise
:onsult with the several county school committees. Whenever in his opinion
1 district or districts shall be created, altered, consolidated or dissolved,
he may
his recommendations to the county school committee or committees of the coun-
counties within which the territory affected is situated.
--NT -   ---NT -. 1 -.T -------ITTrr. A.tI. Whe.n an . .-  I- f-Jf-,-A, U
oposed school district creation, alteration, consolidation or dissolution
lies in 2 or
counties the county school committees of said counties shall act as a joint
ee. If the membership of a joint committee is an even number then the circuit
e of the circuit in which the greatest valuation of property to be affected
appoint an additional member to the joint committee from one of the counties
    The Manitowoc County School Committee composed of William Kappelman of
Kossuth, Art Murphy of Eaton, Mrs. Lillian C. Schmidt of Mishicot, Floyd
of Valders, Willard Sauve of Two Rivers, and John Gable of Reedsville are
now study-
ing the problem of. reorganization in the county. Definite progress is being
at the close of the first century of public education in Wisconsin towards
an improved
educational set-up.
                        RURAL SCHOOL SUPERVISION
Manitowoc county schools, as we have noted in the previous articles, were
ervised" by a committee of five inspectors of the common schools of
the town.
was during territorial days when the number of schools in our county was
schools in Manitowoc and at Manitowoc Rapids.
    Ample provision was thus made, at least on paper, for supervision of
the district
schools as no less than five different persons were required to supervise
the instruction

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